How scalable is Bing traffic?

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I am getting 200% ROI with $70 a day in Bing.

Does Bing provide same quality traffic If I upgrade my budget to $200 daily?

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    Does your campaign ever reach it's daily budget limit and go to budget paused status?

    Just upgrading your budget to $200 daily is unlikely to scale things unless your current budget is very low, but it isn't as you said your spending $70 a day.

    How scalable Bing is depends on the niche/market.

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    It really depends on your niche and keywords. Obviously Bing has a lot less searches than Google. It may not be enough to simply increase your budget if you are in a narrow niche. You may have to search for additional keywords to add to your campaign. In my experience adding new keywords is more profitable than simply increasing your budget. You have to find those golden nugget keywords.
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    Originally Posted by George Lukas View Post

    Does Bing provide same quality traffic If I upgrade my budget to $200 daily?
    This is a great question. Generally if you upgrade from $70 up to $200 daily ad budget, the same lead quality should exist. The main thing you have to look at is whether or not you will receive more traffic than what you're getting now. Sometimes adding more keywords can get you more traffic... and sometimes bumping up your ad budget and surpassing other advertisers in funds can get you more traffic.

    I would test it out and see. Never hurts to test. Do it quickly so that you don't spend months on this simple dilemma.
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      Internet Marketing 101...TEST it out.

      Up your budget to $100 and see what your ROI is...then if it is good then up it a bit more.

      There will be a point where additional spend will not equal additional sales

      Good Luck!
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    It depends on the niche you are working on. If it's very narrow, then you might need to do something else than just raising your budget.

    Do some tests before raising it anyways. You might get a better ROI anyways before doing it....
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    Originally Posted by George Lukas View Post


    I am getting 200% ROI with $70 a day in Bing.

    Does Bing provide same quality traffic If I upgrade my budget to $200 daily?

    As long as you don't change anything else then in theory yes it should be the same quality.
    You should test to confirm though.
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    Sometimes it can work out
    differently, but best to test
    and tweak...
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    Originally Posted by George Lukas View Post

    Does Bing provide same quality traffic If I upgrade my budget to $200 daily?
    It all depends on how popular those keywords are. Some long tailed keywords are very profitable but not very high in 'daily' searches.

    Before you decide to 'scale up', find out exactly what keywords are bringing you the results you want while shedding the others that are only eating up your budget.
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    Originally Posted by George Lukas View Post


    I am getting 200% ROI with $70 a day in Bing.

    Does Bing provide same quality traffic If I upgrade my budget to $200 daily?

    The quality of the traffic doesn't move in tandem with how much you spend, it's all about capacity.

    How specific are your keywords? does your campaign reach its daily budget each day? If you're hitting your budget then it's self explanatory that there's capacity for more traffic. Increase your budget, get more traffic.

    If you are NOT hitting your budget on a daily basis, your ads aren't getting enough clicks to fill that budget, so no, increasing the budget won't change anything, but split testing your ads might.

    Hope this helps.
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      I have been running bing for only a year. But what i suggest is find the keywords that are getting clicks. Then clone your campaign thats working for those keywords to stop wastage.. start new similar campaigns with new keyworsds.. that way you got more data..

      You can then kill new campaigns that are not working.. and keep scaling cloning gradually with the new working ones.

      Just because you are exhausting your budget..if you are.. doesnt mean your budget is being used wisely .. even though you are making money.. the keywords with clicks and no conversion could be wasting your budget.

      So nail down keyword/campaign winners.. copy. Clone scale in gradual process therefore increasing your budget

      Good luck!!
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        hey there here is a tip for you, you should not increase from 70 to need to do it more gradually otherwise it will throw your campaign off. That's exactly what happened to me and some people I know. If you increase to fast rate, weird things happen!
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    Hello George, congratulations with the excellent ROI. I just can achieve such a number on a few days a year. To test the scalability of this process is an easy game for you, I believe. Simply invest your ROI in your budget and run the process again tomorrow. If your budget increase by a factor of two results in the same ROI you are doing quite well. Keep investing your ROI till the ROI breaks down. There you find the maximum scaling factor.

    Back to my own results. I am selling web software and info products with Bing. I always try to use well focused long tail keywords and nearly always I cannot get the clicks I want. The total population on clicks is very limited in my niches. So scaling doesn’t apply in my case. As soon as I accept clicks on referral platforms too I can get more clicks. However, it is my experience that in my case these clicks are not as valuable as clicks from a serious search engine; nearly no conversions. Meanwhile I am believing it is a better idea not to sell my products at Bing but to buy cheap clicks for lead generation. Some experience here?
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