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Are they dofollow?
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    No, sorry they're nofollow. The bio link used to be dofollow until they caught wind of it and shut that down. What is paid attention to is the keywords within your bio. Google indexes it so if you've got targeted keywords that you use, you can get indexed for them. (long tail)

    Quite funny, side note actually, I'm ranked #2 on Google for "Coolest redhead online" because of that LOL!


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      Thanks. I didn't figure they were. Just had to prove my lack of twitter savvy though.
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    On twitter, users post their tweet from customers for I-phone as Twitterfon, Nambu ... others use Firefox extensions TwitterFox to post their message on Twitter, others pass by scripts that use the API and Of course, others go directly from Twitter.
    When you post from these applications, as appears tweet posted a statement containing the date of publication of the tweet and at what support you have posted the message with a link to the site of application.
    This link is dofollow and followed by search engines.
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    Yeah twitter links is nofollow but you can take advantage from the traffic they received.
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