Would you be turned off as a CB affiliate if you saw this?

by Aaron Moser 9 replies
Hey Warriors,

I'm about to launch an ebook product on clickbank that has a one time affiliate payout of 75%. The thing is... also on this page I have a link to my blog which is a paid membership blog that processes monthly subscription payments through paypal only.

Would you be turned off as an affiliate if you saw that I had a link to paid membership site on my sales page?

More importantly would ClickBank even allow me to have this link on there?

Problem is the membership script I'm using isn't integrated to accept clickbank monthly payments. Also my ebook's sales page is a custom built Wordpress template that is tied into my paid membership blog.

Here's how it's setup...

My ClickBank sales page is on my root domain www. mydomain.com
And my PayPal subscription blog is on www. mydomain.com/blog

Do any of you affiliates have a problem with this. If so can you think of any possible solutions?

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    It would really depend on where you have it. Do you have it prominently in their face or is it a teeny tiny link at the bottom. That makes a huge difference. I wouldn't want to pay and put effort into bringing traffic to your sales page to lose my sales to your blog. Is what you offer on your blog a better value than what is on your sales page?
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      I have one link that says "Blog" (font size=2) in the top nav menu and on link to "Blog" in the footer menu (font size=2).

      I don't think the link is in your face but it's there. Plus the whole purpose of the site is the sale of the book. The paid Blog is just an extension of the book and not of more value than the book.

      Also at the end of the book is a short pre-sell on the membership blog.

      Thanks for your reply,

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      I would also prefer no distractions for visitors the first time they arrive on your sales page.

      However, if you also offer a free bonus of some kind to get my visitors onto your opt-in list, you can offer that paid membership to them further down the line once they are firmly on your list.

      The best option would be if you can figure out a way to give affiliates credit for both products if they send prospects to you for one product.

      Hope this makes sense...
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    The customer should not have another way off the page except the order button. Affiliate program details and such things as other offers should be separated. Your sales page should be optimized for the sale ONLY. That benefits you and the affiliates.

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    Cool thanks for the replies... I know what I have o do now.

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        Originally Posted by Wild Boom View Post

        Your the guy from CWB with the dating product??

        I do have a dating product but what's CWB?

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    Is there any way to find a script that would allow clickbank monthly payments? You could use the membership site as a second product, to your ebook product, using the same Clickbank ID. This would give your affiliates credit for the sale to either product, plus it would increase your gravity score.
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