Sites really dropping profits recently - Any suggestions?

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I was doing pretty well with my sites but the profits have really dropped for some reason.

I was hoping for some suggestions on what could be going wrong.

Some are obvious but I would like suggestions

The domains are: ( This is not cannabis! - It is an e-cig with hemp, it is meant to be healthy)

Any suggestions for any of the domains would be greatly appreciated

Thanks you
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    half of the sites not working...are those sites closed down?

    Chintan Mehta

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    Something is going wrong with my hosting - I am trying to get it resolved now.

    Any suggestions for the domains?

    Thanks for the reply
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    Site are also not working for me. Do they work on your end?
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    No not at all, just server 500 error
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    Well, then you have your answer. Your profits dropped because the websites are not working.
    How can you sell something when your "shop" is closed?
    When did the 500 server error appear?
    Here is a link that explains the 500 sever error:
    HCF - Where Every Affiliate is Happy, Calm & Focused
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    It isn't only the sites with the 500 error - I know what the 500 internal error is..

    The other sites aren't making profit for some reason and they were doing well before.

    Half of the sites aren't developed - The developed sites had a lot of money put into them and they were making very good money but for some reason they just stopped making profit... I have no idea why
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    You haven't said whether you have done any investigation so it is hard to make concrete suggestions.

    You say profits are down but nothing about traffic. Is traffic the same but profits are down or are profits down because traffic is down?

    Usually profits drop because traffic drops. What is your primary source of traffic?

    If it is Google then check your keyword rankings. It is possible you have dropped in the SERPs for many of your keywords and this would result in a drop in traffic and then a drop in profits.

    What are your main keywords? (ask yourself don't tell us) and what is the ranking history?
    In your server stats, what keywords and terms are bringing traffic? Any unusual changes?

    If you are using PPC, check your campaigns. Are they still at the same rate of conversion for traffic? Is the traffic still coming from reliable sources i.e. any changes to the advertising platform you use? Are the campaigns getting stale (ad/banner blindness)?

    Are you using PPV? Similar questions to PPC. You want to make sure you are still getting traffic from expected sources and your PPV platform hasn't suddenly started sending junk traffic or lower tier traffic.

    Do you rely on social media? YouTube? Facebook? Are your social media platforms still getting the same traffic and interaction (likes/shares)? Facebook especially can suddenly stop showing your posts and shares to many of your followers for various reasons.

    You should really analyze your traffic and look for changes there.

    If your traffic has not had any significant changes then look at the conversion of the traffic on our sites. Are you getting the same traffic but a lower click-thru rate on your ads? What about opt-in conversions, etc.?

    If you want to figure out what is going on you really need to do a lot more analysis. But we can't do this for you by visiting your sites, you need to check your server stats and your Google analytics to see if you can see any patterns that correspond to the drops in revenue.
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    Alot of the sites redirect to something totally unrelated to what the domain name says. I even got a trojan on my computer from copying and pasting it in my browser bar. Luckily my AVG was able to clean it. Why do you have so many sites to manage?
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