RIP David Castle

by HeySal 52 replies
I just got the most horrible news from a fellow warrior.

David Castle has died. He had an aggressive cancer that took him quite swiftly and he finally succumbed on Saturday.

God go with you, David. You were a true friend and Warrior and you will be very missed. I'll see you on the other side, guy....but not just yet.
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    So Sad,

    What a great guy. Really contributed and was an SEO genius. God bless to his family. He'll be sorely missed here on the forum.

    Thanks for sharing Sal,

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    Very Sad - what an awesome guy he was. He'll be sorely missed.
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      Very sad indeed. His last post was July 13.

      I just found out last night that a friend of mine who is only 44 has cancer, he just had his first child 6 months ago.

      Cancer sucks.

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        My condolences to his family. Am so so sorry to hear.
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        Originally Posted by MacFreddie View Post

        Very sad indeed...

        Cancer sucks.

        Yes, that's an understatement for sure.

        My wife and I just participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life this past Saturday.

        A pediatrician who recently got cancer gave a speech at the event and really spelled it out -- just about everyone will be touched by cancer. Either you'll get it, or someone very close to you will get it.

        My condolences to the friends and family of David Castle.


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    RIP CTABUK, you will be missed.

    As Sal mentioned... see you on the other side


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    Please send my condolences to the family.

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    Sad....R.I.P. David...
    I'm relieved a bit in knowing his end came swiftly......Cancer can be such a painful, humiliating, drawn out illness...
    My condolences to his family.

    Ken Perry
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    RIP David. My heart goes out to the family.
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      A friend of mine, she was 45 years old and a mother of two children (her youngest daughter aged only 10 years) died in the early hours of this morning from an aggressive brain cancer.

      I have lost many friends and family to various types of cancer. Let's just hope that some time in the near future, there will be cures found for all forms of it.

      My deepest sympathy goes out to David Castle and his family.

      Jeff Henshaw.
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    This news just made an already bad day horrible.

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    Leslie - if you are reading this:

    I am so stunned by this news that I don't know what to say. I am sure you and the rest of the family are devastated and so wish there were something I could say to ease the pain of your loss.

    David and I were in a discussion via pm not more than a few weeks ago and one day he just didn't answer. I assumed he was just busy. He had never let on.....never complained....never once dropped a hint that all was not as normal. He was mentally sharp and decisive as always, and was a wealth of information and humor, right up to the last.

    David was a wonderful human being and role model. He truly earned his status as a Warrior, in real life as well as in the forum. I think that I can speak for many here.........he was well loved and highly respected...he will not be forgotten.

    My sincerest condolences and affection to you and the rest of the family.

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    I am in shock and choose to be in denial right now, at least until I get my head around this.

    This better be some kind of sucky publicity stunt.

    I haven't talked to David in a while though, so I dunno.

    I do know that he is/was a very dear and loving person with a great sense of humor. What more could anyone ask for.

    If this is true, my condolences to his family and friends.

    Whether true or not, I know we will see him again someday.

    David if you can see this, you better 'speak now or forever hold your piece'.

    (my favorite line of David's was when he was telling a joke, he would say, before the punch line, 'wait for it'.

    I am waiting for it...


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    May you rest in peace David.

    Thanks for being part of my world.

    God Bless and thanks.
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  • May His Memory Be Eternal

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    Oh, no. I had no idea. RIP, David. Much peace to his family as well.

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    Oh wow... I didn't know him that well but I definitely recognize the name. It really gives you a sinking feeling when a fellow warrior passes on.

    Peace and prayers...
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      Wow, This info shell shocked me!

      David was a very nice person that gave with out question.
      My Family's prayers go out to David and his Family.

      RIP David.

      ~Michael and Family
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    RIP David, my thoughts go out to your family and friends
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      David was supposed to meet Rieko and me in Oxford for lunch. He stood me up. Now I see it was so he could jam with Hendrix. I'll miss the old codger.

      Pat, unfortunately it seems it's no stunt. Leslie e-mailed me the sad news. David had missed our lunch as he had to go to the doctor. All so sudden.
      Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    Please send my condolences to the family.
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    How very sad. Another Warrior loss this year. I sometimes wish there were more opportunities on here to let people know how valued they are while they're still around. You'll be missed, David. Rest in peace.

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      RIP David. I will miss your sense of humor. My condolences to the family.

      \"Person who say something cannot be done, should not interrupt person doing it.\"

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    RIP DAVID. :-(
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    Damn - He was a character

    I will miss his jokes

    I hate when warriors die.
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    David and his family will be in my
    thoughts and prayers. He was a
    really nice guy and will be sorely

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    My condolences to his family. He was really good with SEO and I really shocked to read this.

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    RIP David - you will be missed.

    My deepest condolences go to the family. May peace be with them in this difficult time.

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      Hi guys,

      I'm a moderator at (formally which is a UK based SEO/Online Marketing forum that David set-up some years ago. David invited me to the forum about 2 years ago and in that time I've met some great new people and made some great new friends. I've also made big head way in my SEO carreer and I've met some of my best industry contacts. But mostly I've had a right old barrel of laughs!!!

      Me and David debated (argued!) like mad over industry issues but we had many a great chat about music, which he loved more than anything I think. I'll never forget his many forum posts featuring HUGE exerts from his Michael Fane book. Maybe now i'll be able to find the time to actually read it! But, as is life, we are always too busy at the time and only when time has run out do we realise where our priorities should have lied.

      The team at (including david) had been working hard to get the site moving in the right direction. This included dropping the david castle domain name and replacing it with I wasnt really sure why david wanted to do this at the time as I believed the David Castle name was brandable enough for the site to do well.

      Now it makes sense... As do a few things which I will keep to myself...

      Thanks David. You've helped me out a lot! You will be missed and I never did get that signed copy of the book!

      Lost but not forgotten.

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    RIP David :-(

    My condolences go out to his family.

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    RIP David Castle.

    This is really depressing. Seeing another person fall to cancer. A very close family member of mine just contracted cancer and the source cannot be detected. It's spreading real fast and I don't know what to do nor deal with it.

    Alvin Huang

    Happy Cool Hand Luke?

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    What terrible news, it's like losing a member of the family when a warrior dies

    RIP David

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    My prayers go to David's family. So sad to hear this. For all of you WF members that knew David, be strong too. Sad days when a friend pass away.
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      Leslie just e-mailed me with the following message "David’s funeral will be on Monday, 24th August, at 11.30 a.m. Donington, St Mary and the Holy Rood Parish Church."
      Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    How awful. We all loved him. RIP David.
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    In response to all of the messages of condolence, David's dear wife Leslie would like to express her sincere appreciation to all of his colleagues and friends here at the WarriorForum.

    I know he really enjoyed what he did. I'd often hear him burst out laughing and I'd call through to his office "haven't you got any work to do?". His answer was always the same "this is work!!!".

    David got a great deal of pleasure, and sometimes downright fun, from his contact with all of you. If there's an internet in heaven I just know he'll be straight in organizing everyone.

    Amidst this most difficult of times, I have found great comfort in the kind words and thoughts expressed by members of the many online communities in which he participated.

    David would have been very humbled and honoured.
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    David was really one of the good guys, he will be sorely missed by all of us.
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    RIP David, he was a very nice kind man
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      My condolences to David's family.

      RIP David - you will certainly be missed - you helped me so much in your forum when I first got started - for which I am truly thankful.
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        Really sad news.

        I remember David from his days on what used to be TWT, he was always a really helpful guy.

        RIP David.
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    What sad news.

    Sincere and heartfelt condolences to David's family and friends - of which there were many.

    Another one of the greats has escaped this mortal coil, he will be missed...he will be remembered.

    Thoughts and prayers,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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      I'm crushed... sad news.

      I haven't chatted much with him the last few years.. got to know him well back when I was active at WPW (2004.. before I was even a member here at the Warriors) and a couple other smaller forums. He became a fast friend.. loved his smarts, humor and wit.

      Even though we didn't cross paths much these days, I'm sad I won't see him again; or have a chance..

      My condolences to his family.

      ~ Matt Levenhagen
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        I didn't know David being new and all. But he obviously touched many, just the same I would like to send my condolences to his family. I have a family member who does have cancer and it is a stark reminder of the inevitable.

        Whenever you feel like giving up, think how you would feel if you realized you were just a day away from the success you desire. Stay Motivated !

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        I knew David well we spent much time talking over the net we made TIP together and shared many great moments. he always spoke fondly of the Warrior forum people and encouraged me to join up. I remember his excitement as some of his friends from warrior forum joined TIP. I will miss him and his witty humor, all our discussion and endeavors. i felt the need to join so i could share with yous how much he enjoyed the time he spent on this forum and the people on it.
        Hi guys,

        i met David on web pro world back in 2004 and we just clicked we had long conversations and shared the same humor harboring many inside jokes.

        I made with David dubbed TIP The In Place which is a UK based SEO/Online Marketing forum in mar of 2005. David was frustrated with other forms he was using so i said to him i have a surver and can make the site so go register a domain and well do our own site. I knew with Davids great personalty and friendly face backed with my programing that we had a wining combo. we shared many tips and tequneeks for seo over the years and heavly posted in the brake sections for enjoying banter.

        after a cupple years i got too bogged down and ash steped in to take over my spot. a while after that David told me he was going to be concatrating on his writing he was very happy when he got picked up for a book deal the realestate maret was not treating him well and he loved to write. Knowing he would not have much time for TIP he worked to rebrand it for ash so the fourm could carry on.

        i'm still beside myself with greif i will miss him dearly.

        Eugene Kimmerly
        aka Globalhostinggroup
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    I didn't know him as well as some others, but the short time I did was worth it.

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  • Profile picture of the author HeySal
    Hi Eugene - Welcome to the Warriors - at last. Isn't it funny how the people we care about can tell us something over and over again, yet the only time we hear is when the only sharing left..on this side of the divide... is the word "goodbye"?

    David was an OTer in royal form........that is, he was one of the "basement dwellers" in the Off the Topic forum. You might have met me at TIPS in the chat room - here, I am an OTer, too. What David was excited about around the time which I joined - along with many OTers is that we were joining in general protest here - and he had led that protest. If nothing else, it let him realize that he had real friends - and it made him feel great to give us a solution even though things were cleared up here. We still always knew that we still had a place to go to convein if we decided this wasn't the right place any more. With David there, it was still home.

    You can read the OT version of this thread in the basement with us. You see....David and I chatted via pm's fairly regularly. I was waiting for a belated answer to the last PM to him. Just figured he was busy. After I stopped reeling from the shock of this news, I was able to think clearly about his last message to me. I won't rehash that here because I'm sure now that you will go to the Off the Topic forum and find that thread. Let's just suffice it to say, he dropped me a word that I didn't hear all that clearly until I wrote that last post of mine in there. I hear it now...and that project is under way, just as you are here. But - I think he knew that we'd "get it" eventually, eh?

    I sure hope you will come back and join us now and again...if not in the line of work, at least to stop in at the OT to bounce off the walls with us a bit just as you and your pal were used to doing in TIPS. You are always welcome here and it won't take you long to find out why we all, including David could never stay away for too long.

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