OptinLinks - Anyone else experiencing problems?

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Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing problems with OptinLinks.

I can't seem to create new campaigns. Every time I try to do so, it says campaign successfully created but there no new campaign to be had.

Contacting support doesn't seem to help as they enjoy ignoring tickets I send them.

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    yes, i have got some problems as well., i am trying to use a different platform
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      Which different platform are you using?


      P.S. Are they also ignoring your support tickets?
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    It's been nearly 2 weeks now since I filled a support ticket with the makers of OptinLinks and still no reply, seems like they're completely ignoring their customers...disgusting!
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    I'm having a very difficult time getting a response from Optinlinks. I've submitted (and followed up on) several support threads with ZERO response from Optinlinks. It's been 10+ days since I first submitted to their Freshdesk support queue.

    I just paid for the Advanced plugin and can't get the plugin to work properly.

    Did you ever get a response?
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      No I'm afraid not, these guys are renowned for ignoring their customers I'm afraid. Very disappointing!
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        I tried to take advantage of their 30-day, money back guarantee due to the lack of support or responses. I ended up tracking down the email for the developer and send him two emails with out responses.

        My last option was to dispute the charge on my credit card, since I has a product that did not work as advertised and was therefor useless for me. Only then did they respond questioning why I wanted my money back. I explained my position and reminded them of the 4+ Freshdesk inquires I made, never heard back from them.

        Seems like they really do not care.
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    Wow! I just watched their sales video and it's a shame they are blowing it with their customers. It otherwise looks like a really useful plugin that would sell like hotcakes.
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    They are shocking, absolutely rubbish plugin also that always comes up with errors and stops working properly and their support is non existent. If anyone is thinking of buying this plugin, please do yourself a favour and don't. Look at Lead Pages instead, it's infinitely better.
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      Helpful post. Just the other day I was looking at OptinLink and was debating a buy ... thxs for the warning
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    Which different platform are you using?
    OptimizePress. Excellent CS.
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