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I have an idea for a business and I want to know what you think of it. Many people are getting banned from adsense or other networks for bad traffic or bots which click their ads.

I want to offer a service which protects your site from bots and just displays a blank page if a visitor is non-human. All you need to include is a Javascript to the head of your site like your analytics tracking code. I will offer a free plan where 33% of your visitors see an ad banner at the top or a popup in order to monetize my service.

Would you include this service to protect your site from bad traffic and bots which clicks your ads? I would charge for a small plan which is free of my ads like $20 for up to 50k visitors.

Let me know what you think
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    I hope you know that there are already companies like ClickReport out there doing exactly that as well as a bunch of free WordPress plugins. I would try to add some sort of innovation to your idea as otherwise it might be hard to compete.
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    As Marvin said there are a number of scripts and plugins that do similar.

    Most go by repeated clicks from the same IP address. I'm not sure about plugins that block bots. For blocking bots, you can block all robots in the robots.txt file and then allow individual bots you trust like Googlebot.

    I think the recurring charges might be a problem. How would you charge $20 for 50K visitors unless you can monitor the visitors. How do you calculate that and charge that?

    Would your scripts grab data from the sites they are installed on and send it to you?

    Would the scripts still work if you stopped the service?
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