Finding writers to write great content for free...?

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I have a website with pretty good authority but not enough content.

I'd like to find writers who would be willing to write for my website, they can write pretty much anything related to products of any kind.

I would'nt be able to pay them, but they will be able to use their own affiliate links on the website. I just want quality content on the website.

My question is where would be the best place to find people willing to do this?

or maybe even, what would be the best way to present the proposition?

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    So I take it you will be monitoring the quality of the posts.

    However you don't say what your site is aimed at in terms of Industry and the niche it's too vague. You need to provide more clarity for writers to be interested

    The other suggestion is writers are interested in the number and quality of your traffic so they can redirect to their websites or affiliate offers. If you have a lot of foot traffic writers will be interested in putting a quality blog post on your site. Again this does come down to the popularity of the niche your site is based on.
    Hope that helps you.

    Have a great day

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    I do not think that you will find a lot of good writers that write for free just for the chance of exposure ... you have to keep in mind that everybody has to pay their bills and that cannot be done with exposure.
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      I think RIGHT HERE is a good place to start. In Sig or in one of the Sub Forums

      - Robert Andrew

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    The incentive is pretty low, but maybe you could attract some writers by offering the platform.

    There are sites and shows that are entirely made by user-generated content, and that's what I'd base your idea around if I was implementing it.

    The platform gives them the eyeballs on their content.

    So what are you doing that PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that tons of interested people are going to see their content?

    If someone came to me with that kind of proof, I'd be willing to spin my own articles to make them unique and get the traffic in from your site.
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      they can write pretty much anything related to products of any kind.
      How can you have an authority site about "anything"? If you have a niche or topical site with a targeted audience and decent number of visitors....

      You can contact owners of other sites in the niche or in related niches and offer them a page for their article including links to their site or product. Most people who write something worth reading won't have interest in an "everything" site.

      Trading articles with other site owners is a possibility, too. The opportunity to post an article that provides a link to their site or to send readers to a related niche product affiliate link would appeal to many site owners.

      NOTE: The above suggestions assume your comment of "pretty good authority" means some sort of targeted traffic. If you have a brand new site with no promotion or visitors, you'll need to pay for content or write your own.

      However, if the site is untargeted - if anyone can promote "anything" - the site will be a mess before long. What you suggest can be done but to make it worthwhile you need to think it through and find your target market.

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        The article directories used this same basic model and most of them are no longer relevant . . . write anything you want, include your link, and the world will beat a path to your door. Not.

        What you will end up with is lots of spam, plr, and plagiarized content with a few good articles mixed in here and there.

        When you try to be everything to everybody you end up being nothing to anyone. People online today search for specific information on very specific topics.


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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          I'll put it a little more bluntly...

          If you will accept people "writing pretty much anything related to products of any kind", you will soon find yourself up to your armpits in a cesspool of digital muck.
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    There are already a ton of places you can curated content from on the condition
    that you include the author's byline. What are you looking for that's different to
    this model?

    -Ray Edwards
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    How much traffic does the site currently have? If you can offer some incentive to get their affiliate links infront of decent traffic immediately i can see how it would be a win/win for some writers potentially... you grow in size/authority, they make some affiliate sales.

    But if you have no traffic and you are relying on their content to help you build traffic... forget it!
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    The warrior forum here is the best place to find those persons but any one who is going to do that for free must be expecting something back in return. For example your website must be one that has a lot of traffic or authority in the niche that it is about.
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    Maybe you should abandon the project? Question is, how will YOU get paid? From people searching for Viagra but finding themselves staring at Adsense ads about sofas and furniture?

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    The problem is that "blogging for backlinks" has been dead for about a year now, and very few writers will be eager to contribute for free unless you're helping them out in another way. You also have to remember that you can lose that authority quickly as well though, so you may want to think twice before seeking free content with no strings attached.

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    It is generally highly unlikely to find "good writers" for free I would say, but if you can show proof for your traffic, maybe you can find some.
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