Maintaining Focus On The Task At Hand, How?

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get insight into the warrior mind when it comes to staying focused and blocking out distraction in the middle of your promotional campaigns.

I know I'm not alone when it comes to fighting the battle to keep my eyes on the road while I'm working to drive traffic to a squeeze page or affiliate link.

During the traffic driving process when there is no money coming in yet it can get a little discouraging.

In the midst of every promotion, there is always something new and shiny in my email and it can get kinda hairy trying to tune out the "Secret Affiliate Tactics Of Millionaire Marketers Exposed!"

Especially when guru "so and so and all his friends" are promoting it. No disrespect intended.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer some suggestions that could help keep things on track and in perspective.

This is something many newbies have fallen prey to many times. Myself included.

Any practical advice that you could offer would definitely be appreciated.
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    How I maintain focus on my day is by using a simple rule - the 80/20 rule.

    I concentrate like a lion on the 20% of tasks that bring in 80% of profits/results. I start every day by making a list of the '20% activities' (the vital few) and the '80% activities' (the trivial many), and then I decide how much time I'm going to spend on each of these tasks.

    20% activities usually refer to important activities like a new project, product creation, your core marketing activities, joint ventures etc.

    80% activities are more low value maintenance activities like checking your email, building a big social marketing list (though for some this will be a 20% activity, it depends on your business plan), chatting on IM etc.

    You'd want to outsource many of your 80% activities down the road, particularly activities like customer service, Adwords maintenance, article writing, transcribing, video creation and so on.

    This gives you ample time to concentrate on your 20% and ultimately amplify your efforts and time spent on your 20% activities, so they eventually take up 80% or more of the time that you spend on work. (or simply take the day off or take the time to go on a holiday)

    The result is greater results from your entire business.

    Another trick is to label all your tasks A, B, or C. A is for your critical activities, B for relatively important activities and C for trivial activities.

    The bottom line is to give the time you invest an ROI. Money can be gained back, but time can't.

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      Thanks for your response. You're so right about the 80/20 rule.

      Sometimes it seems like 80% of me is thinking and 20% is doing. I'm desperately working hard at changing that equation around.

      Seems like making money online is more of a mental issue than a physical one.

      btw, I picked up a copy of your 7 Insider Secrets report earlier today and it is definitely outstanding. ...See there I go:-)

      Thanks again and pls feel free to add anything else you feel might help.
      The Marketing Rinnegato Cometh... stay tuned. This link leads to my Warrior blog...
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        here is an excerpt from one of my recent blog posts...


        Inertia is the state of unrest and uneasiness where you are procrastinating your tasks that are really important and imperative for your success whereas momentum is the beautiful state of being when you are taking massive amount of action at high speed and things are under control.

        So lets just talk about how to create that stage of momentum when you need it.

        But before when we dive into that we need to know when do we really need to take these steps.

        And that is simply as you know the time when we feel we are in the phase of Inertia. Here are a few symptoms…







        Excessive hunger or entire lack of it

        Lot of time wasted on TV or Games

        Increased amount of Drinks… in extreme cases even drugs

        Quick acceptance of defeat in any venture that you undertake

        On the other hand, there is this state of momentum where the symptoms are…





        Rewarding Impressions


        Perfect Health and consciousness of health

        No time wasted unnecessarily

        Higher expectations from yourself and then higher performance

        Winners’ attitude

        Ability to influence others and get them to work efficiently for you

        Effectiveness and efficiency are the keywords for the momentum phase. So now lets talk about how to get into the phase of momentum. And the good news (before we actually dive into it) is that you can create the phase of momentum within an instant. Its not only possible, but also easy when you know exactly what steps to take in order to create that stage of momentum.

        And here they are… (REMEMBER they look simple and easy, but they are highly useful for anyone implementing them in the long run)

        Deep Breathing….. First thing to do is to remove any doubt and liberate all the contrasting energies from within your self. How to do that? Well, its simple…

        Sit comfortably with your back bone erect and feet resting firmly on the ground

        Close your eyes

        Take a deep breath

        Fill your lungs with fresh air and expand them as much as possible

        Slowly release the air from your lungs and get back to normal position

        Wait for a second before you start from step 3 again

        Repeat ten times at least

        What this does is it relaxes you and brings your energy back into the right places where it should be. Ignore this step and you pretty much guarantee that you are not going to create the phase of momentum.

        Write the main task:

        Take a pen and a white A4 sized sheet (Not a diary or a notepad)

        Write down the main tasks that need your attention this week in order of decreasing priority that are paramount for your success.

        Select the seven most important tasks for the week and assign one day to each of these tasks

        Assign the remaining tasks (that are less important) as the bonus tasks to be done equally to all the seven days. If you are able to do them, then its fine, if not then its fine again. Though you will most likely be able to do them as well pretty easily

        Keep a glass of water with you or maybe even two or more depending upon how frequently you need water.

        Do them now… the most important task for the day has been assigned. And that is pretty much all there is to do today (keep this mindset as of now). So get it done. Perfection as I say doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get so absorbed in this work that you put the best of yourself into it and get the best possible results that you can get.

        Here are few things that you might want to keep in mind when actually putting your head down and doing it.

        There’s only this task that you need to do. Nothing else matters at all.

        Time is eternity., You have all the time on your hands to get it done. There is nothing else to be done.

        Don’t look at the watch again and again repeatedly. If you keep looking at the watch you will not only get side tracked within your mind but also get distracted very easily. Time running out is most often the excuse given by most people and that is partly because they spend a lot of time in looking at their watches or clocks.

        Start enjoying whatever you are doing. Knowing most of it keeps you happy because you know you can do it at a better pace. In that case you should aim for doing it at the best pace that you can do it, and then challenge yourself for some more speed.

        On the other hand if you have been assigned a task that is totally new then there is no need to create more challenging situation for yo8urself. Devote some time on learning because knowledge when applied is power.

        Intensity is the best thing that distinguishes humans from animals. Concentration and intensity go hand in hand automatically when you are actually enjoying the work. And you can enjoy any task by making it challenging in balanced proportions as I have said in point 5 and 6.

        So the moral of the story is that you need to follow these four steps and every time you can create momentum almost instantly. All you need is peace of mind and a clear vision which comes from defining your objective for the day and then acting upon it.

        Even if you are outsourcing a lot of tasks and hiring people to do that for you, you need to do some things on your own. Although I am a firm believer in the concept of “Only do what only you can do”, I still feel the need to do a lot of things. Why? Because I am never OK with the current amount of success that I have. I am satisfied every time though. I want to have more for myself by helping more people in getting what they want.

        This is the fundamental secret to all success. Once you master this secret, then there is nothing that can stop you from being successful with your business, job, or whatever you are doing in your life. Once you are through with the main task for the day you will realize that there is a lot of time left for the remaining tasks that are the bonus tasks for the day. Not only time and energy, but will also find the willingness to do them because by the time you are done with the main tasks for the day, you will already be in a state of momentum and then getting things done easily and fast will be easy.

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