How Would You Monetize A High Traffic Sports Site

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I have a news website in the MMA/UFC niche that is now getting pretty decent traffic, (60k uniques and growing). I have seen plenty of case studies of people making decent ad revenue with similar traffic levels.

What methods would people recommend to monetize a site with similar traffic levels?

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  • Hi tjm2788, i would recommend offering advertising space on the site to webmasters in the same niche. take a look at if you want to sell ad space.

    you can also make use of popup ads but this does have its downsides. i use on my wordpress blog. they have a great plugin which you can use to serve popup ads on your website.

    if you really want to make money then you have to check out the links in my signature. if you want more info or if you just want to chat then feel free to get in touch with me.

    hope my contribution was off value to you.
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    Why don't you use adsense? If it doesn't work out for you (and I'm sure it will), try something else.
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    I would consider:

    - Adsense
    - Media Ads
    - Charging people to advertise on your site
    - MMA/UFC books and training courses
    - Simply MMA books, video, and training courses
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    You can sell training courses that educate people on different fighting styles, techniques, mindset, etc. It can be a video course or a series of ebooks. If it's a video course, you can even charge a monthly subscription for it as long as you update it weekly. I would highly recommend this because this is what creates residual income meaning income that comes in from a past effort. Someone pays now and stays subscribed for a year, that's 12 months of constant payment from the same person whether you work or not.

    You can sell tshirts, hats, shorts, anything that involves your niche. Charging people to advertise on your site is definitely something you gotta do. You can also sell products that educate people about certain workouts or diets or even go as far as offer online private coaching.

    The sky's the limit for you especially if you're getting that much traffic. It means that you're already recognized and you most likely have a solid enough following.
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