Light "objection" to Jeff Burritt

by sscot
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Few minutes ago, I was able to read wonderful thread by Jeff Burritt “18 Tips to Use the Warrior Forum and to Help Build an Internet Marketing Business”. It’s here…….


What’s my objection?

6. If you want to hide online, fine. I get it. But, at some point it's best to just be who you are. Put yourself out there. Use your name, real contact info, and promote yourself. Don't be scared to post under your name or business and let people know how to connect with you. It's the relationships you meet that will be the biggest transformation in your life. Psuedo names are hard to connect with. And ultimately, people want to do business with other people.
He’s right……….


Is newbie also can do this?


As a newbie I did too much stupid things and I’m happy that, at that time, I didn’t use the real name & info for IM purposes. Simply says, if I’d used real info at the beginning, sure, I'll be using fake info for today & forever....... .

So, my suggestion is,

It’s better to start using real info little times later when you get fixed with the game.

What do you guys think about this?
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    I'll never post my real info publicly.

    I work with professionals on a daily basis, and they wouldn't be too enthusiastic about me being responsible for a 600,000 computer botnet when I was 15, or attaching a trojan to AOL's welcome page for 12 minutes.

    For that reason, I have to be a Jekyll and Hyde. The real me doesn't bode well in professional industries. Thankfully they don't have to know about all that. ;D Online, you control what people see.

    For me, "being myself" would be shooting myself in the foot, in terms of doing business online.

    If you don't have a sketchy past, I'd say use your name from the beginning.

    The more work you put in, the more of your "newbie" work is going to get pushed back. People will see you growing. Nothing wrong with that.
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    Post this in the thread you linked to


    It is true that money can not buy happiness, But it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

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    You could have posted the same thing in the other thread Itself

    Not Sure if there was a need for another thread of this kind
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    I think it would have been better to post the question in that thread instead of starting another thread about it.

    I think better advice would be

    "Don't do stupid things when you are a newbie - learn the right way to work online - don't cheat or scam - and you'll never need to hide your name."

    Jeff didn't say you have to use your own name - he recommended doing to. Don't see how you can "object" to that.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.
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    Now I feel left out. I didn't know about another thread. ;/ Thought I was part of the cool kids. :l

    Seriously, though. Using your name, or not using your name, don't do dodgy crap and you don't have to worry about it.
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