Why are some "Content" related For Hire threads being moved?

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I've had my 'content' service in the "For Hire" thread for years now, and all of a sudden a few months back it was moved to the much less viewed 'Other' section.

This would be fine if there wasn't hundreds of other "Content" providers able to still post and bump in the For Hire section. I see the same people on the first page constantly, so why aren't they on the same playing field?

Does anyone know why it appears some people are allowed to keep their threads in that section and others are being moved? My traffic has essentially halted since the move and others keep reaping the benefits of the For Hire traffic. It doesn't seem fair. If Content providers have to promote in the 'other' section, it should be universal for everyone I think.
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    Click on the "Help Desk" link in the top navigation bar and ask the support desk


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