Suggestion to improve / get more traffic to my Blog

by Azar13
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Blog link : Salesforce blog link

Give me some suggestions to improve my blog and get more traffic.
And also I want to know which adsense is good for my blog.
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    Well, what won't work very well is creating a forum post with a link to your blog asking how to get more traffic to your blog.
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    Just stick with posting quality, unique information on a regular basis that will appeal to your targeted niche and your traffic, for the most part will take care if itself. You can do things such as backlinking but the old adage "content is king" still rings true.
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    Post interesting stuff and then share that stuff to people around the web on related forum , social media sites, like facebook, twitter.

    For salesforce blog will be good place to share content LinkedIn where you can establish yourself as a expert in area in community of professions. You have higher chances on LinkedIn then on other places.
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    Well, what John Chow, multi-millionaire Super Blogger does is he uses a long tail keyword tool such as Keyword Tool: FREE Alternative to Google Keyword Planner and write a post or video using one specific keyword. If you do this consistently, you would start getting significant amount of traffic to your blog. Then what you can do is go to and sell your advertising space on your website. I believe John Chow makes around $40,000 just from renting out spaces on his website.

    Hope this helps.

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    Originally Posted by Azar13 View Post

    Blog link : Salesforce blog link

    Give me some suggestions to improve my blog and get more traffic.
    And also I want to know which adsense is good for my blog.
    cool blog! I had a quick look at it ; )

    Anyways, to answer your question: There are many options with which you can get more traffic. Obviously, there are paid and free options. Here is a list of free options to begin with:

    Youtube: Build a youtube channel. You might think this is not so powerful, but once you grow your channel and put a link to your website, you will get excellent targeted traffic in my opinion. My recommendation would be to turn some of your blog posts into videos and link in the description to your site.

    Twitter: Grow your Twitter account. The more followers, the more traffic in my opinion. Start tweeting your latest posts.

    I highly recommend this: Go check for a forum in your niche and add a signature. A signature is that writing under your name. Make sure to create loads of curiosity in it. Then start interacting in the forum!

    Goodluck! Hope I could help you out!
    You can do it!
    Stay awesome!
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    If you would like to increase your site traffic, you can do some SEO. By the SEO, your page rank & Traffic will be increased. To do the you need to create back link.You can do Forum posting, Blog commenting, Article submission & so on. Thanks
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    How are you currently getting traffic?
    Are you doing anything on social media (Facebook, twitter, etc?)
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    First get off of Blogspot. Move your blog to Wordpress. Include monetization options that can cover the cost of getting targeted visitors to your site. I see you have adsense, infolinks, and Amazon..... fine. Consider making your own info-product too. Then do some paid advertising to get traffic to your blog. But FIRST, move all of your content and information to Wordpress before it's too late.

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    I don't like your blog from a design perspective. I understand that it needs to appear professional but this can also be done with a few more colors. With regards to traffic, you could try to guest blog on other blogs, look for forums to post, anwer questions regarding Salesforce on Q&A sites etc.
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