10,000 Unique Visitors To My Website (Only Made $8.15) - Someone help me out

by Leemb1
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Hey all. I'm fairly new to the internet marketing game and have my website set up with Google Adsense. I've built a FB page of 3,000 "likes" and write articles for my website.

I had a post on Facebook that I wrote go viral, which received 56,000 likes on the post and resulted in 10,000 unique visitors to my website in one day.

Here is the article: Goo.gl/w4Ont9

What advice do you all have for me to monetize my site better? Should I sign up for an affiliate marketing program? What's the next step that I should take..?
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    Bro if you want to monetize your website 1st you respect and you applied SEO in your website
    it's the perfect method for monetize your website
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    Originally Posted by Leemb1 View Post

    Hey all. I'm fairly new to the internet marketing game
    Till you stop thinking it as a game, (Don't get me wrong) You won't earn any decent money by doing internet marketing.

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    You can start building your list and then promote some offers to people who will subscribe , also this is very good option to send them email notifications about new content. Money are in the list,

    because if they are in they are very interested so they will read and engage with content.
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    Right now I have an email subscription service set up and have 225 subscribers for my website. I signed up with Mailchimp and it says I can only have a maximum of 2,000 before I have to start paying
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    I think facebook is a great way to build list and get traffic.

    Take back your life. Our program shows you how!

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