Minecraft?? is it already a missed opportunity or still very much in it's infancy as an opportunity?

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Minecraft - if you haven't heard of it then you probably havent got young kids. Seems to have taken over the world.

Kids PC and console building game. Wont go too much into that as google will tell you what it is. Anyway....there are some people on youtube that my kids (and seemingly lots of others too by the hits) are seriously addicted to watching them. I watched one of a guy/player called 'stampy' for the first time, and he is simply wandering around and playing it, not even offering any real advice on building according to my eldest.

Stampy is worth millions according to a recent BBC news report. There are others too, doing just this.

So my question is this, are the Stampys of the world the ones who got in at the beginning. Or is this a very much wide open niche that just seems to be growing? Should we all turn in the SEO, list-building and whatever methods we are trying to get to grips with and simply focus on becoming good minecrafters ??

Be interested to hear any thoughts on this.


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    Stampy, DanTDM, CaptainSparklez, and a few others got in during the beginning.

    It's not too late, but don't expect to have a million+ followers. They've been at it, a while.

    I'm teaching my daughter how to build a Minecraft channel on YouTube, so I definitely think there's still a chance.
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    I say you missed the "golden" opportunity, but with that being said, that doesn't mean it's hopeless
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    It's a great opportunity, and there is still plenty of room for more people to make money in Minecraft. So don't believe any naysayers lol

    Think about this. Microsoft just bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion about a year ago. So suffice to say, Minecraft will be here for a lot longer.. As they are going to want to get a return on that investment.

    Microsoft owns Xbox, so they will probably be rolling out more Xbox games and expansions for it.
    Not only that, Microsoft has announced that Minecraft will be one of the flagship games for their new Hololens.

    And right now, they are in the works of creating a major motion picture on Minecraft.

    So Minecraft is not going anywhere, so if it's something you're interested in.. Jump on it!
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    My son is on his iPad all the time watching those damn YouTube walkthroughs of Minecraft....
    Anyway, there are probably still opportunities but you are going to have a hard time reaching the
    Same success as the people who got in on the ground floor....

    Most kids will be able to tell you who DanTDM,Stampy Cat,TRUMU,Grain etc are, it,s unbelievable these guys are like rock stars.....
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    My kid and all her friends are crazy about it. Gotta be something to it, I'd guess.
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    Minecraft fan here, and at 40, not a kid (well...).

    If there's demand for a game, long-term demand, which there is here, it's never too late. But. And like the glorious butt possessed by my wife, it is rather a big but. There are very few sectors of IM where IM neophytes have an advantage over experienced IMers. Youtube gaming videos is, however, as you've guessed, one of them. And why? Because, without knowing the IM ropes, these people know the secret to IM and practice it daily: quality. There is so much confusion about how to make money online, so much talk, and while a lot of the talk is necessary and a lot of the confusion warranted, since success in certain areas of IM (many areas) is indeed complex (and thus confusing) and does require chit-chat to unravel that complexity, being successful on Youtube (especially in gaming) really just boils down to producing quality videos, backed up by a few other elements. In sum, those elements look like this:

    1. Quality videos.
    2. Good voice.
    3. Advanced experience.
    4. Consistent uploads.
    5. Viewer engagement.
    6. Channel networking.
    7. Personality.

    And, believe it or not, those 7 elements come pretty naturally to the people you mention; though they do, of course, still have to work at it (harder than people often give them credit). Most of those people (most of the successful Youtube gamers) simply started out as gamers posting videos of their hobbies. Most of them; some went in while wearing their IM neophyte hats. PewDiePie, for instance. Don't quote me on this, but if memory serves, he was working in a pub several years back and decided to upload gaming videos to earn a little extra. Before long he was earning more from his channel that at the pub so he quit and went full time and turned his room at his parent's home into a little studio. The last I heard, he was earning $6,000,000 per annum from his channel. And every single last cent, very well deserved.

    There is room for anyone to break in. To say otherwise would be to say there is no room for any more TV shows or any more novels or any more songs. If you can deliver the 7 elements above, you have a chance. A very good one. And if you can, the only real difficulty you'll face is inertia. The long-time channels related to certain games have big followings and getting those subscribers is obviously harder. If you want a better shot - at the time of writing - I suggest you become expert at Fallout 4. That's where the new money will be made, and where many of the new rising stars will come from. You'll have intense interest in F4 for around the next half a decade.

    - Tom

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