Anyone here have a full-time or part-time business selling infoproducts online?

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Of course, I know the answer is yes...I'm just looking for a confidence booster It seems whenever I'm conteplating a new, unfamiliar business model, I look for success stories...but I inevitably run into posts like this one: Why Your Information Product Will Probably Fail : The Cambodia Cash Paradox

He makes some valid points, but I feel like he has a negative view of this business model for people who are starting from scratch or starting over again(as in my case). So, with that said...anyone here doing $2k, $5k, $10k+/month with their infoproduct business? Thanks guys.

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    Supplying information will always be good business.

    Think of where information-selling is practiced:

    1. Medical.
    2. Educational.
    3. Entertainment.
    4. Money

    I could turn that list of 4 into 10,000.

    You have to ask yourself, what does it mean to sell information? Answer: to provide knowledge that is intended to act as a solution (and thus to solve) one or more problems.


    1. I have the flu.
    2. I need to learn how to speak French.
    3. I need a good video game to play.
    4. I want to become a successful affiliate marketer.

    There will always be people who have answers and those who have solutions: doctors, teachers, game developers, IM coaches.

    The trick to becoming successful as an information-seller? One word: quality. A great deal more goes into it than that, of course, but you'll find a distinct correlation between success and the quality with which problems are solved.

    I hope the above has encouraged you to take action. I didn't read the blog post (no need). Make no mistake, though: being successful is no easy feat. And, as much as you might already know this, it's possible you don't know it as well as you think you do. Take IM, for instance. To stand above your peers in IM, to lead the way in the sector of information-selling, you need to be aware of and be expert in dozens of large and small areas. I'd like to expand more, but the topic would have me writing for the next 6 months. Let's hope others expand below, and if you do take action, let's hope you're a success.

    - Tom

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    I have a local job, Here I am a Part Internet Marketer. After completing my local office work, I pass my all time with the Internet Marketing. Thanks
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    I've been full-time since May 2, 2010. It CAN be done, and you WILL do it, if your DESIRE outweighs your FEAR.

    Truly, it is all in how badly you want it.

    Good luck!
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    Of course you can, there are 100's of thousands of information products in the form of books, ebooks, training courses (ex Udemy), membership sites, seminar leaders, public speakers, etc... that all know the value of information products.

    The latest trend is for bloggers and social media pro's to convert their following into customers via producing information products.

    Of course it takes work, yes you have to do it properly, and yes you have to build a following (but you need to do that for ANY business - you may as well do it for your own market and your own products)

    The entire process of development and marketing your own information products is symbiotic - not only does it pave the foundation for income generation it also helps you (along with marketing) to build your brand and position in your marketplace.

    Take anyone from Gary Vaynerchuck to Donald Trump, from Tim Ferris to Tony Robbins - there is no way those guys are anywhere near the top of their market if they do not release their own products as part of the overall process

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