can we make money by promoting clickbank products, using blogspot ?

by bamio
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It seems to be silly question i have my own website i recently started to monetise it, I am also intrested by othere niches I have question ! for those niches Can I create blog on blogger and start promoting clickbank products ? i hear that some people succed in this , they earn some money !!!

what do you think about this?

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  • Yes you can (as BO would say) but why would you? Why would you drive traffic to something you don't control?

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      Originally Posted by HelpingYouBeAnExpert View Post

      Yes you can (as BO would say) but why would you? Why would you drive traffic to something you don't control?
      The simple answer is YES. Yes you can do this. BUT, as the reply above says; why would you choose to do this, if you can build your own blog?

      You do not control and own a free blog. So, if you put in a lot of work, and you build up good traffic, and one day they decide to shut down your blog, for whatever reasons - you would be very disappointed!

      Bottom line, you can definitely make this happen with a free blog, but it is all at your own risk!!
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        You can register a domain for $.99 and get hosting for $4/month. So don't go to McDonalds for lunch tomorrow and you can pay for everything you need. Start a free WordPress blog and you will control everything!


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I'd thought that you weren't allowed to promote products that weren't your own on Blogger blogs, but rules could have changed.

    HelpingYouBeAnExpert asks a smart question up there ^^^.

    Grab a domain related to what you want to promote, and create YOUR OWN site.

    Never build your castle on someone else's land.
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    Yes you can but....
    other best free option is make site on free hosting and grab a free .ga domain...
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    That will get your blog deleted when they find out. Blogger is owned by google and when there system detect any affiliate links from Clickbank your blog will be deleted immediately. I found out the hard way after setting up my first blog a few years back, my blog was deleted for that same reason and i lost all my postings on it. Instead set yo your own wordpress blog on a paid or free domain hosting service.
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    From my experience using Blogspot, you are risking your blog getting shut down if you are using it for any type of MMO. I think you are much better off using WP, Weebly, Jimdo, Wix, etc...if a good blogg site is what you're after, with monetizing potential.
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    If you're serious about it, get your own domain.

    I've started sites I didn't think would really turn into anything, and after seeing some potential, driven them into large successes down the road.

    You never know where you might end up. Would be a shame to see it wasted because it was under Blogspot's control.

    You can try migrating it down the road, but that's just setting yourself up for a headache if something goes wrong.
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    Yes you can but i dont advise it. Your blog could be in full swing then all of sudden... it's gone. Switch to Wordpress and choose a simple and easy template/theme that you can modify. Don't base your business on Blogspot. Not one bit.
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    For long term basis , its better to use paid domain.
    But it's better than nothing though..
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    You can, but you don't control the property. Much better to get your own domain which you control. Blogger and google can change their mondo a whim.
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    I think you need to be focus.

    One thing at a time.

    Start with a niche, blog, offer (your own product or promote other people's product), list building, traffic...

    Hope it helps
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      Dont do it.

      You want to build an asset! Owning your own blog and promote the products on your own blog. You want to be in full control of your own business. Set up a simple wordpress site and create your own blog. You can use different themes, and write good quality original content. I would advise to buy the product that your going to promote so you know what the product is actually like, if you can use the product and get results then you can promote the product more easier.

      But the main thing is to build your own assets that your in full control of. Own your own blog! . Hope that gives you some idea.

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    a decent numbers of blogspot wouldnt hurt you if you still have a wordpress .com blog as well

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    It worked for me back in like 2012, but I wouldn't recommend it. Your time would be better spent creating your own website that you're in control of.
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    Yes you can do it. And even clickbank has a blog post about this idea. You can check that post.
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    It is better to promote CB products through your website (or probably without a website) than through a Blogspot blog as people believe more in a website with an independent domain name rather than a sub domain. Once you have an established blog with detailed informative content (especially reviews), you can check out this article:

    How to Promote Clickbank Products (With and Without a Website) - MoneyPantry


    Chintan Mehta

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    I am interested
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    I have various blogs hosted on blogspot since 2012 and they already have clickbank products. Until now all of them are still running without get banned or suspended by Google.

    However I used to use these blogs to build links to my main money making websites that are hosted on my own web hosting.
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    You can but you're at the mercy of others - why would you want that when to have your own thing only costs a few $ and you are in total control?
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    When I first started online a couple of years ALL of my sites were run on Blogger/Blogspot. I didn't make a lot of money but I was able to make money from those sites. Either focus on having extremely SEO optimized websites, or driving traffic through other means (forum marketing, PPC, etc)
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    Yes you can make money throw blogspot domian But why you not buy .com domain it cost you just few dollars.
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    You certainly can. However, don't you think it would be better to drive traffic to something you own? I really think having your own product or service will be of greater benefit.
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    Blogspot is a good way to get started. But for long term i would recommend you to use Self hosted WordPress. Buy a Domain and hosting and you are ready to get started.
    WebInfopond- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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