How can you become more Organized and Focused ?

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Hi all,
I know you hear this question all the time.
I have made progress in these two areas,but
still have to work on concentrating on tasks
that need to be done.

Does planning say 3 months, 6months ahead
really help, when you don't know for sure
where you will be at that time.

I've learned the only way to better results is to take action (any action).

Any thoughts on this subject ?

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    YES, Let me know when you figure it out.

    IM = ADD = A hundred things at once


    PS - Thats after outsourcing before outsourcing it is like 800 things at once.
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    I'm on the verge of blocking WarriorForum, I seemed to waste countless hours(Yes, hours) on the forum!

    But I do that AFTER I get my stuff done.
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      Originally Posted by SRLee View Post

      I'm on the verge of blocking WarriorForum, I seemed to waste countless hours(Yes, hours) on the forum!

      But I do that AFTER I get my stuff done.
      Thanks for the reminder, I should stop being here and get to work
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      Hi Rich,

      I was drawn to your question because I know perfectly well what you are talking about. I find it rather difficult to to go after a certain plan.
      I´ve never written a business plan but I´ve tried. My experience is that I don´t follow it. Period. There are so many tasks (if you don´t outsource)
      that making a plan about completing them on a daily basis would create such a load on my back - I couldn´t stand it.

      My only chance is to act here and now. And you are right, taking action will lead to results. Then you can take it from there. After all, this work should be fun, right?

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    Hey Rich,

    Here's a simple YET EFFECTIVE plan i try to follow the best i can:

    Daily plan:
    Link building - 10 new links
    Article marketing - 1 article in top directories
    Content - 1 New blog post on my niche market blog, the ones that drives huge amount of traffic to sales page.

    Weekly plan:
    Offfline customers - 1 new customer per week
    Online - Follow daily plan and monthly goal.

    Goal to 1st September:
    Income Goal - 1K on Product X in one moth = 300 visitors per day = 100 hops per day = 1 sale per day = 33 $ per day.

    Work to get traffic - then work to improve conversions.

    I learned this technique from Frank Kern i believe, and it's simple and very effective, that's why i love it.

    Decide your Goals. Then all the rest is way easy.

    Once YOU know your goals, you can reverse engineer what you need to do.

    Hope it helps.

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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      You either have disclipine or you dont.
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        Originally Posted by Tonytsports View Post

        You either have disclipine or you dont.
        I don't believe that's true. The military takes thousands of largely undisciplined men and women and for the most part turns them into focused highly disciplined people.

        I took Eben Pagan's Wake Up Productive course and by applying his methods consistently I was able to increase my productivity. I'm not sure if the course is still available, however the videos produced for the launch are enough to get started on the right path. The key for me was making incremental changes, each building on the last.
        "Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast."
        Tom Peters

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        I'm a big fan of lists. I always have a list of my daily goals or tasks, weekly goals and long-term goals. Every day, I readjust my list for that day, depending on what I've accomplished. I think the key is to not overwhelm yourself with so many daily goals that you can't possibly accomplish it. But I agree with Mark - you need to set the goals in order to know what needs to be done and so you know where you are going.
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    I have to keep it simple:

    1. write an article every day
    2. post it on my blog, submit it to directories, ezines and social bookmarkings
    3. update my autoresponder
    4. educate myself
    5. visit WF
    6. work on project

    I feel it's a good day when I accomplish all this. Of course, sometimes there will be distractions, but I try to keep focused on the above.
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