Free Trial Offers and Implementing it with my current Site. Can it Work?

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So here is the deal. I have a poker training site on the clickbank network that is a monthly rebill product. the url is
you can check the sales page by going to

I contacted clickbank regarding setting up a Free trial offer but they replied by saying the following: The trial period rebilling functionality does not allow free trials. The lowest price we offer for trial periods is $4.95 USD.

This being said what are my options for wanting a FTO. I want my users to signup and then be rebilled after 7 days. Can you guys recommend a viable solution for this? Will i have to go with another payment processor?

If I can structure commissions so that I can Somehow pay a fixed CPA per free trial sign up instead of upon sale at the end of the trial, I would probably get much more affiliate interest.

We are looking to change our business model and are hopping this is a hit with affiliates.

Really need help with this one.. Thoughts .. questions? comments?
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