New server IP on spam blacklist - help?

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Hi all

I moved all my sites to a new dedicated server a few days ago and all seemed to go very smoothly except for a few bouncing emails. I assumed that was just propegation and would settle down but this morning one of the headers concerned me saying about the IP being blacklisted.

I used an online checker and sure enough, my new IP address is on 2 spam blacklists. I can only assume that a spammer was perviously using this IP before I was sold it.

I've already emailed my hosting company and am waiting for a response but wondered if anyone here can offer any advice. Should my hosting company have checked this before, or is it just bad luck? Is there a way to be removed from the blacklist or do I need to switch servers again?

Any help here would be gratefully received.

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    you don't need to swicth servers - just ask for a new IP.

    As for getting off the blacklists - it can be a real pain sometimes. some will go so far as to require you to pay a fee - in other words, extortion. And when you think you are off all of them, you'll discover that a lot of the major ISP's have their own in-house blacklist.


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