My Advertising Pays - Scam or not?

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I've come across this website called which is basically My Advertising Pays. I've heard people making a lot of money through this, but I've also heard people saying its an online pyramid scheme. A ponzi scheme. The thing is I woulld never spend large amounts of money to get any credit packs from a site I hardly know. I might just pay $100 at most. But what concerned me the most when I read people saying that once the Ponzi scheme collapses people will have to repay all their money made back. This would obviously be a disaster. I don't understand how such a thing would be enforced however after people were defraud and then ask people for money back. That is insane. Have I minsunderstood something here. Is it as bad as it sounds, or is there something else going on?
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    Whatever investment you have for such a scheme, i would warmly not recommand it.
    There is no quick and easy way to make money without any risk or the process being illegal. The faster the riskier.
    You also open yourself to scams.

    With $100 you can pay a domain + web hosting for a year. Do a keyword research and build a successful website that can give you a huge ROI if done properly.
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    I've seen a number of people promoting My Advertising Pays, which looks just like a number of other ponzi schemes that got shut down over the years and people lost a lot of money (remember Ad Surf Daily?). Just because it's paying now doesn't make it legitimate.. if they rely on new investments to pay off older ones, it's still a ponzi and will eventually come to an end.
    “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

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    I've received a ton of traffic purchasing banner ads of varying sizes on MAPS. Haven't used any other area of the site though so can only comment on the banners.

    Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.
    ~William Shakespeare

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      Originally Posted by gdi4life View Post

      I've received a ton of traffic purchasing banner ads of varying sizes on MAPS. Haven't used any other area of the site though so can only comment on the banners.

      Are the traffic you receiving from MAPS convert well into sales?
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    pyramid schmeses are a big risk i have frienda in school trying to sell suspicious stuff for high price to earn some cents from it. But they fail. But it gives you selling experience.
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    Try it and see, then come back and let me know the results so that i can cash in on it too LOL.
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    Some of my clients have been promoting MAPS and are having success with it, in terms of utilising it and getting others to sign up.

    My understanding is that it's a revenue share, similar to Traffic Monsoon. So in essence a ponzi/pyramid scheme. But as there's products in place I guess it's technically legal. I could be wrong.

    I've no doubt there's money to be made with it but these types of groups often don't last too long, a few years at best. Only time will tell with MAPS.
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      People are still making money from it.. until the whole ponzi scheme blows up

      I remember seeing a comment about this on the forum .. something along the lines 'get in and get out quick'
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    There are quite a number of reasons why I would never put a cent into (and why no serious business would)
    For one, the website is very amature and the people who set it up are not professionals. For example their promo video at the top of the page is monetized with YT ads. That's really a joke. No serious company would let other companies place ads on their promo video on the landing page. And then the promo video is very amateur and its 50 minutes long with all slides.

    Another big red flag is the fact that the domain was only registered for 1 year. Serious companies do an initial registration of several years min. 1 Year domain registrations are one sign of a company that doesn't plan on being there long-term.

    And lastly whats the point of having ads if they're not targeted? With Payudaily, your ads are being clicked by other members who click because they have to. A click/traffic means jack shit if there is no real interest or intent. (same goes for any similar type of ad platform).

    So, stay away from Payudaily, its a joke. Also MAPS is one to avoid.
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    You are absolutely right about Ponzi schemes... they basically lure people to invest a certain amount which they promise to double, triple, or even more within a certain duration you choose... however they are frauds with no money coming back once gone... has a good Alexa rank but lacks Google PR... hence it is difficult to predict the future of this company... I would recommend you to wait and watch for few months more and then research the company once again...

    Chintan Mehta

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