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Hey there all! Viral traffic Hack, can anyone tell me anything about it, specially, is it only a trial when you purchase the software? I messaged the creator on FB but never got a reply.
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    Don't understand why you would need it or want it based on what is in your sig.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      Old signature.
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        Originally Posted by anthonymcneil View Post

        Old signature.
        Perhaps you should fix that then.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    What is the main aim of this thread? not understandable.
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    Yip I bought and tried Viral Traffic Hack several weeks back.

    I actually asked for my money back pretty much the next day as after going through all of their training videos I realised it's really just an elaborate way to launch and sell access to - a social media platform - which looks pretty cool but carries a fairly hefty price tag. They also expected people to change web hosts and email AR companies - which I was not at all happy with.

    However I received an email back from product co-creator Matthew Neer saying there had been some more video training content released (a recorded webinar) and I should check that out before going ahead with my refund. Which I conceded to do, and indeed I found the training did actually get to the heart oif the matter and allowed me to setup some test campaigns. Long story short I tried several different campaigns following their instructions, spent around $100 of Facebook ads an got not one single conversion. Not that happy - better to spend that money on Solo Ad's imho.

    Anyway, so I went back and asked for a refund and have asked and asked and asked - 5 emails later to at least three different accounts and not even a single acknowledgement.

    My advice - stay well away and be very wary of anything with Matthew Neer as it's creator - he's ripped me off around $100 NZ which I'm not going to let go - next step paypal & visa.

    Thats my review of Viral Traffic Hack - sorry I could not be anymore encouraging.
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    Looks to me an affiliate program that software. Don't buy it, they don't even have genuine case study of using such software and people are getting benefits.
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