How do Cashback websites tracks?

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I was very curious to know that how does a cashback website track its user.?
How do they know which customer has purchased what product from which retailer?
The admin have a good dashboard (provided by the retailers or affiliate marketplace) to know about the the details of transaction made- like date,name of the product and commission.

But how do they know, whether Mr.X has purchased this proudct or Mr.Y.
They ask to sign in and click out to any retailer.
I need to know is there any software by which they track? Or any plugin.

They also reflect the amount of cashback earned, to the customer in the customer's login area. Is this process manual or automatic? Do they update each time when a transaction is made or there's something fixed algos behind it which is automated by any plugin.

Your suggestion is highly welcome!

Thank you.
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