Free traffic to my site.

by snipp
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I want to promote my site free , which Places are best?
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    maybe do some search engine optimization, get some organic traffic.
    check google on how to get organic traffic.
    I mean thats what I can think of right now!
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      You could make youtube videos, do guest blogging, article writing or use facebook to drive traffic to your site.
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  • the best places for free TARGETED traffic are the places where your audience hang out. Do some research and find where they hang out and then interact with them.

    Example - I provide UX consultations (that you can see in my sig). I help people improve their websites by understanding where a visitor might have a problem when using their site. I participate on Warrior Forum because it's full of business owners and website owners who are all here to try and improve their site.

    For me it's a great source of targeted traffic. What's more it really easy to do, sign up, participate, offer help and people will click your links.
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    If you want free, then focus on content creation. Learn keyword research, a simple search on YouTube can teach you all you need to know, create content around that specific keyword. Write blog posts and shoot videos. Then develop a presence on social media. Connect with other people and give value through your content. Another awesome way is to do guest blog posts on well established blogs so you can get some of their traffic on to your site. Always remember, while doing all this, you need to build a list so create traffic and capture emails.
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    forums, blogs, youtube videos are the best at the start
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    Originally Posted by snipp View Post

    I want to promote my site free, which Places are best?
    Try these:

    - Youtube
    - Forums in your niche
    - Joint ventures
    - PPC
    - Advertising on sites in your niche
    - Mobile marketing
    - Blog commenting
    - Guest blogging
    - Lots of paid advertising
    - Start an affiliate program
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    I think this thread help you in this question
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    the best option to get traffic for your blog is that, try to get more and more Guest post for your blog,do more activities like video, ppt submission
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    i suggest you search for "how to get free traffic to your website" on google.
    you will find pretty much all the method to generate free traffic.
    if you need more help, you should provide more info such as is this a blog, entertainment website or an online shopping?

    Struggling to grow your FB Business page? send me a message and let me help you!
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    try facebook, u will get some traffic
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    Free traffic doesn't exist.

    Want to make money online?

    You'll have to SPEND money online.

    SPEND on high quality content, SPEND on high quality backlinks and domains.

    This is a SPENDING game - free just isn't going to cut it.
    $2/100 words for REGULAR CONTENT
    $4/100 words for TOP NOTCH MONEY CONTENT
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    Right now, Facebook Marketing is best to get a great source of traffic.
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    i would say... facebook, forum signatures, and youtube... for "free" traffic

    hope this helps,

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      The question of free traffic you can use social media sites that will help you more.
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    Free traffic is everyone's dream.

    One technique that's working well for me right now (in the B2B niche) is Facebook Groups. I've joined a few higher level groups and posted some helpful content to establish good intention, as well as links to my business services, and that's generated interest.

    Good luck to you!
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