Does anybody outsource there services?

by akwis2
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Hello Warriors,

I have a music production website and I would like to offer my customers, witch are music artist, a social media boosting service. For example, youtube views, soundclould plays things of that nature. I was thinking about using a site like fiverr or upwork to outsource this service.

I'm still kinda new to this internet marketing thing. I wanted to know if anybody else was doing something similar to this. Also, i would like to know how can I do this effectively and efficiently.

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    Using Fiverr, you get exactly what you pay for. I don't recommend Fiverr.

    Actually, I tried several of these outsourcing services a couple of years ago and I didn't have much luck with any of them. The quality of the services are unacceptable to me. I am sure if you try 50 different person on Fiverr, eventually you might find someone who will do ok but I gave up very quickly.
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      do you have any suggestion of websites i can use?
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    Hello, You can check fiverr services, there are some great talents who can help you with, Thank You.
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      Originally Posted by enjamulahsan View Post

      Hello, You can check fiverr services, there are some great talents who can help you with, Thank You.
      Yeah, when I hired a writer on Fiverr to write an article for me, it sounded just like this line.
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    I can't tell if you're just trying to make more money by offering an add-on service or if you genuinely want to offer them marketing services to help broaden their audiences and get more real online views.

    If the former, then Fiverr is fine. However, you're not going to get results and will probably only get people's accounts banned in the long run. This would be a great strategy if you want to ruin your reputation and your site.

    If you really want to offer value to your members I would recommend you partner with/refer work to a marketer/team/agency instead of trying to outsource it yourself. Since you're new to IM I wouldn't recommend outsourcing it, because that still leaves you responsible for the work. Never outsource anything that you can't do yourself.

    By referring the work to someone else, you can get a percentage (of fixed dollar commission) of the deal but then they would be responsible for the work. This also frees up more of your time that you can use to focus on your site and other profit enabling activities.

    Essentially, a JV.

    This could be someone locally in your area, from Upwork/Freelancer, or from doing some research/searching online. Just make sure they do quality work and deliver since you would basically be endorsing them and sending them your own customers.
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    If you are offering a main service and they are somewhat related to subsidiary services your target audience members want, you might get away with outsourcing the subsidiary services.

    However, if you're going to outsource the main service you offer to your current customers, you might be damaging your brand.

    For example, I write books.

    I would never in a million years think about outsourcing the actual writing of the books I do for clients.

    However, for eBook covers or Kindle Facebook group promotions, I can safely subcontract that out.

    You have to pay attention to one key factor however.

    You need to be completely transparent with your customers.

    Tell them that you are subcontracting certain services out.

    It's extremely important to be as transparent as possible.
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    You wanted to build a freelancing market place. You referred Fivver & Upwork also. These are top level site. There are many functions in these site. You need to know clearly. I had use Fiverr. But nowadays I have been using the Upwork. So I know these two site very well. Both of these site still developing everyday. It is not easy to build such gigantic task, as you are a new comer here. Thanks a lot.
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    Outsourcing the right was is a good idea and something I do from time to time myself. A word of caution though is if you outsource too much for too long, you risk becoming disengaged in areas of your tradecraft which can really hurt you down the road.

    I should know. Awhile ago I hired a person to begin taking care of some of my more menial tasks day to day. I trained this person right up, only to forget how to do a lot of it myself many months down the road when that worker of mine decided to move on leaving me to go back to doing it on my own.
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