I Want it NOW Damit! (Anti-Rant)

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    I'm building a site now that, by it's nature, will take weeks to fill with content and will never be finished.

    Initially, it won't make much money, but by January it will have a couple of hundred unique pages and many backlinks from articles.

    At the same time, I am doing a couple of quick minor projects to bring in cash to cover my expenses.

    But, it took me 2 years to develop this mindset

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      Hey Mike,

      This is a great thread, you are plucking interesting strings.

      Many people want to make a beeline for building a profitable IM business.

      Besides the lack of the right mindset, the main problem is only dreaming about success and not to take a slightest action toward it.

      Some hasn't proper knowledge, some is lazy, some hasn't long-term perseverance, somebody else hasn't the right mindset to building their own business. (It is necessary to acquire the right thinking, this got into time and money for me, too.

      And if they don't want to listen, learn, work persistently, why are they expect the success NOW?

      I think this incompletely the peoples' mistake.

      Why I do think this way?

      Because the whole world lives in an accelerated rhythm. And in the meantime, the man gets lost in it.

      Because anywhere you are watching, you see and hear it everywhere in order for you to hurry up because you miss something. You can see a scarcity in every business offer (I don't say that this is wrong, I also apply it).

      The TV, the newspaper, magazine and the school, the internet suggest this. The peoples are not taught patience in the school, the life will teach patience to them. The life teach them that there is no free lunch.

      On the other hand, peoples want to meet to the requirements, want to belong to somewhere (follow the crowd). If the crowd is in a hurry, then they think they also need to be in hurry.

      So they want the lion right away. This isn't a problem if they have intention to work for it.
      There is a place for eveyone who willing to achieve his/her goals with diligent work.

      And helping is worthy for the man like this.


      "The richness comes on a place first, than the work; in the dictionary."V.Sasson

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        Just to clarify, do you believe short-term thinking has a place? IMHO, short and long-term plans are required for success, although everything in the short plan should lead to the long-term stuff.

        However, that doesn't mean that we should ignore opportunities that could make us money today in favour of some that may make us money tomorrow, right? After all, one in the hand is worth two in the bush and all that.

        I'm not arguing with you, just trying to understand if I am thinking about this correctly or if I need a major attitude adjustment.

        Kind regards,


        Always looking for badass direct-response copywriters. PM me if we don't know each other and you're looking for work.

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          Music to my ears, this is a great post, thank you Mike.

          Honest toil, patience, with income AND quality as ends. Hard to top that.

          - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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            Great Advice Mike. I own offline Businesses that took me 3 to 5 years to get into profit.

            Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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              Originally Posted by naruq View Post

              Great Advice Mike. I own offline Businesses that took me 3 to 5 years to get into profit.
              Ditto. I have had the pleasure(?) of owning two offline businesses in the past. One was in retail, and I actually had a 5 year goal, and in that goal profit wasn't even mentioned unless it was next to the word "re-invest".

              So my past experiences have helped me tremendously in IM as I know nothing isnt built overnight.

              Yeah, I get sucked in occasionally and start thinking about things like affiliate marketing for quick cash, etc...but then realize that the energy I put into some hit and miss type of systems(aff. marketing is not my thing), I could put that energy into my business.

              I like long term thinking, even though at times my patience wears thin.

              Great post!

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    Excellent post, Big Mike. I have an adsense site that is doing well now, but when I first created it I thought it was a total failure. I wrote some articles linking to it, and got an initial rush of traffic, and then a few days after each article would appear the traffic would die back down. I finally said the heck with it back in February...but because by then I'd written dozens of articles...traffic KEPT coming in, and now I haven't touched the site in seven months and I still get about $125-$150 a month from that site with no effort at all.

    Imagine if I did that 20 times over, or 100 times over. I wouldn't see the results in a day, but in six months or a year...it would be HUGE.
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      Solid advice as usual.

      Building viable projects which bring benefits now and in coming month/years is
      in my opinion best thing than chasing last trend to make few bucks.

      You are right, to build a really profitable business, it takes TIME, and so much
      work is needed to be put to make it work...

      I think one reason for not focusing on strategic aspects of the business
      for long term growth maybe that most of us come online with no or little business
      experience.. we have to learn and fix the plans to MAKE it HAPPEN.

      Mike thanks for always sharing best with us.

      Mohsin Rasool
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        Mike, you're quickly becoming one of my favorite people here. Your advice is
        so dead on it's scary. Your thread on safer WSO buying practices was
        priceless. Your Warrior handbook that you made.

        I have so much respect for you, you have no idea.

        Thank you for sharing so much with this community.
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        I think that developing an immunity to hype and instant gratification are two things that have helped me towards developing that mindset you talk about.

        Step by step. One thing at a time. One strategy at a time.



        Why Drink Coffee only?

        (Warrior Discounts)

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    Good post Mike.

    There are 3 types of people here - those who 'get it' and those who don't

    nothing to see here.

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