SEO Project with 30+ 150+ page PDF files...good way to work with data?

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A little background on my question. My company is looking to purchase a product that includes thousands of used vehicle floorplans and basic vehicle information (manufacturer, model, size, etc.) Our idea is to use this information for some SEO benefits, currently thinking content pages, virtual inventory type pages, things like that. Doesn't sound too hard right?

Well, unfortunately, we are only able to get this information in PDF form. It would be great to export this information from PDF to excel having the floorplans, vehicle name, MSRP, length and weight in their own columns. I've tried a few PDF to excel converter trials, and had no luck.

I included an image of a screenshot of one of the PDF pages.

Attachment 23719

Any ideas, or suggestions, on working with PDF files to turn them into workable marketing projects?
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