ClickMagick v. Prosper202... Need your help

by klinks
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I'm considering getting Prosper202 to manage the tracking on my ppc campaigns for CPA offers. I'm interested to hear your feedback and comparison between ClickMagick & P202.

Based on preliminary research it seems P202 was built specifically to track PPC campaigns. CM seems like a good tool for email and social marketing.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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    Clickmagick is really good for split-testing because of their rotator tool. You also get all your in depth info in terms of where the lead is based, time of action, device they're using, etc.

    I love the platform personally and wouldn't have any problem recommending it. Seriously simple to use, and good customer support.

    Can't say much about Prosper202 as I haven't used it.
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    I know a lot of people on here swear by ClickMagick, but I've had pretty inconsistent results with this tracker in terms of stats lining up with Google Analytics etc. At this point I really don't trust it and that is the reason I decided to downgrade my membership this past month. Not to mention it was really pricey too!
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    I would say Prosper202 just because I am more familiar with it, I've never tried ClickMagic so I really cant comment on it.
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    It seems Prosper is free to download and install on one's server? If so what's the catch?
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      Originally Posted by georgec77 View Post

      It seems Prosper is free to download and install on one's server? If so what's the catch?
      There's no real catch. They are hoping you either sign up for hosting using their affiliate links or that you decide to use their more expensive hosted solution. But you can use the free version (which is a full function version) to install wherever you like without doing either of the above.
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    RosanneS for what it's worth I can assure you that ClickMagick is ridiculously accurate. I spend over 50k a month on ads and it's actually more accurate than Google Analytics in terms of tracking conversions. You should ask them for help and see if they can take a look at your account and help you understand what you're looking at. Check out this page they put together that explains some of the many reasons the stats from different systems will never match up:

    ClickMagick - Click & Stats Discrepancies

    Prosper has some features that only hard core CPA "super affiliates" need. If you don't know exactly what those features are and why you need them, then you don't need them, and you're 10x better off with ClickMagick. It's waaaay easier to setup and get started with than Prosper (and most others as well)
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    Thanks for your feedback. ClickMagick sounds like a good choice. Sounds simple to set up and get started with (in comparison to P202). I'm going to test CM out. Thanks again, everyone.
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    I've been using ClickMagick for well over a year and I love it.

    It's web based, very simple to use, and has a ton of flexibility.

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    Hey guys !
    I have problem with prosper202. I cant see who is my wining keywords.
    who can help me pls. shoot me mesage.
    my skype is zetas0 or email
    in subject tipe prosper202.

    PS. Ofcource you will help me not for free.
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    to me its a handy software foe email and social media... use it more and you will learn more
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    I think ClickMagick And Voluum is good for CPA tracking
    Good Luck
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      I agree, if you can go with Voluum I recommend them for cpa tracking.

      Originally Posted by OussamaBusiness View Post

      I think ClickMagick And Voluum is good for CPA tracking
      Good Luck
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    I would go with ClickMagick. Most of my friends in the IM space who buy solo ads use their services.
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    I go with clickmagick by far the best tracking.

    Quality funnels & solo traffic

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