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I am trying to find a Wordpress site that emulated comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com and have looked on whatepthemeisthat ( a custom build I'm guessing).

Tried specific keywords to drill the search down to no avail...

Any and all suggestions will be looked at.

Thanks for reading and any assistance you can give would be appreciated

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    Yeah not a WP them. Looks custom.

    There are probably themes/plugins you could use to emulate it though. A lot of themes these days feature a large image or video above the fold and then more content when you scroll down.

    What is it about the site that you like and want for your site?
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      Thanks for your reply and help, why I like this is that it's so simple in design. Just video and easy to use. No distractions and only one other option to view anything, and that's leave the site...

      Plain n simple. All video n no txt
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    You can hire someone to get help for this. Or you can search in google or youtube if you want.
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    You could probably create a very similar page using Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.


    It's very flexible and lets you create only the elements you want on the page.

    The menu items on the demo page let you see various configurations and layouts to see what is possible.


    But there are probably many themes that let you do similar things.
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