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Going to launch a new website with a premium cotent option on the back end.

Website is focused on entertainers, indie film makers, and online content producers that want to learn Internet marketing and promoting their content online.

I was in the industry a long time ago and i understand in this day and age these people need help learning Internet marketing.

My process:
I and my team have rewritten over 100,000 plus words of content for the site still in development. Outside of that We have also put together 12 Ebooks series focused on specific areas in IM which will be premium content along with some longer articles we wrote and plr Ebooks/videos also focused on specific areas in IM. I will also have a few affiliate links (no more then 3 companies I will be recommending in total via the site) like bluehost because I will show them how to create a website using that services.

I have created a facebook page and have 1000 likes so far. Once the site launches next month I will be using post from the site (mostly how to im related post) to promote (I will be paying for ads) the page in fb by boosting such post I put on the page. Once someone clicks on the fb ad/post it will take them to an email submission page which will send them a link to the article or freebie. I will focus on promoting the content this way for a month to build a list and building the audience for the FB page. all the while people will have access to a ton of free content and emails every few days to pre-sell them on the premium content which I will be releasing in a month offially. I was also planning to have adsense on a the site as we'll within the free content post as an added income stream experiment which I'm sure a lot of u will disagree with, but not on the pages containing premium content.

Please let me know what you guys recommend?
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    Hi, have you already launched the website or when are you planning to do this. I read through what you wrote here and i am curious about the thing you mentioned above to carry out about the website. Iteresting
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      We have a blog with about 20 post up but we will be slowly adding all the post next month.
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    Interesting, curious to see what decision
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      Can you simplify what you are trying to do. You post the process but what is your question for us.
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