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Hi all,

I'm sure there have been similar threads in the past, but...can you lot put me on to a good Web host for a WordPress website I'm building?

I expect it to be a modest site (just me promoting writing services, posting a portfolio of work and publishing a regular blog) so I don't reckon I'll need any kind of premium package, at least not initially. I have plans to offer downloadable resources, which will require a landing page, but that's for somewhere down the line.

There are plenty of review sites out there, but I'd rather get advice from someone that's actually been with a host for a while and had a pleasant (or terrible) experience.

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    For a simple Wordpress website, Godaddy is tough to beat.

    They do managed Wordpress hosting. Dead simple to get started. Clean and easy interface. Fast. Cheap. Check 'em out:
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    Don't fall for the hosting companies that say they have a special "Wordpress Hosting" package. It's simply a marketing gimick geared towards wordpress website owners who don't know/understand much about website hosting.

    Stick with purchasing a normal hosting plan that comes with cPanel. You will have 100% control over everything, which is what you're going to want in the long run.

    I personally like GoDaddy. I know a lot of people don't, but they have been doing a lot of improvements over the past couple years which have stood out to me. I'm starting to move all my sites and clients sites over to them from HostGator.
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    Hello all,
    I am, no wiz when it comes to internet marketing, and the question asked is also of interest to some beginner like me.

    Would aweber serves the same intent as GoDaddy, what about GetResponse – Do all these application serve the same purpose?

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      I know there has been controversy with Hostgator but I have used them for 7 years now with NO problems.

      I keep saying to myself Iam going to change because of the bad things people keep saying about them. But they have not done anything in my case to warrant a migration away from them.

      Matter of fact just set up a new WP blog the other day and it was effortless and smooth.

      - Robert Andrew
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        Using site ground.

        Till now I also don't know why and where I come to find them.

        Than I just straight buy hosting service from them.

        They does cost slightly a bit expensive ...but what I like is always can get Live support easily.

        This is important....I hate those .after sale services is slow to reply , delay , etc

        I rather pay slightly more to get good service.
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          I had good experience with hostgator. They are cheap and reliable. you can give it a try!
          Web hosting coupons for Hostgator, Dreamhost and Bluehost
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    I've actually been with BlueHost and HostGator for several years now. The reason I have two hosting companies is because I have basic website services on one, and then I wanted to try other hosting and server packages, so I decided to try out other packages from both hosts. I know there's controversy between those two as well, but like others have said... I haven't had any problems with my websites or support at all.

    It's pretty much up to you, what you want to spend, and what kind of hosting server you want. You don't need super expensive.

    For most hosts, going with the "middle option" is a safe bet.
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    Services from and are worth your attention, their services are perfectly well for hosting Wordpress blogs with.
    Plans are full-featured and prices are competitive.
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    I'd like to recommend

    Good service and cheap pricing!
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    Avoid hostgator. Use Stablehost. This host is cheap, affordable and good.
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    If you're not anticipating a lot of traffic - under 100,000 monthly visitors with minimal browsing you should stay with a regular shared hosting from any of the major companies discussed (Not Managed WordPress Hosting). A simple shared hosting will be cheap and effective.

    I'm anticipating a lot of traffic so I signed up for DreamPress2 (managed wordpress hosting) from DreamHost. They claim to be able to handle up to 2.1 million monthly visitors. At the moment I'm getting 20,000 and growing each month. The difference between my previous shared hosting and dreampress2 is that I get very fast loads even when there's 10-15 simultaneous visitors browsing through the site.
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    Blue Host is Great! I have worked with them for almost 4 months now and everything smooth. Just to note - When buying a hosting plan, choose the middle one as the cheapest one usually entails one domain name and the latter one contains expensive add-ons that are unnecessary at the early stages. Go for the middle plan on bluehost and you'll be satisfied
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    Godaddy managed WordPress hosting sucks. I have transferred my website to there servers are really fast, up-time is great and customer support is also excellent.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    hostgator or stablehost are good wp hosting.
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