How can I improve this? KPI Report

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Hi, one of my campaigns isn't doing bad, I am just a newbie don't know how to scale this baby.

30 days.

Total clicks: 2700

Total male opt ins: 289
Total female opt ins: 493

Total male sales:27
Total male upsales:4

Total female sales:15
Total female upsales:7

Total refunds:2

Profit: $400

Traffic source: Shit source

What would you do next to make this workt?

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    Run it for another 30 days and see if you get similar results.

    Then you'd have a baseline.

    Right now your traffic source is actually not a crap source. It's converting, and at over 1.5% with a 28% opt in.

    If it holds steady, that's a money maker...if your CAC is lower than your sale price. You said you made $400 so I'm assuming it is. And with a little algebra, which I'm not yet coffeed up to do, I could figure out what your prices & profit per sale, front and back, are.

    Is this the max traffic you can buy from this source? Or can you get more?

    Basically you know you make $0.14 profit per click you send on in from this source. It's not amazing, but a lot of stores work this way. Spend $1.00, make $1.14. Now is it consistent?

    If you add a new traffic source, keep the numbers separate. They're going to be different for different traffic sources. So you can't just add more traffic from other sources and expect to scale up--it could be a disaster.
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