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Does anyone know of an easy way to buy/rent a PO legal protection. I used my home address once and some lawyers tried to steal my software product and sent me all these legal documents to my house, it was stressful.

Thank you.
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    Talk to a local attorney. We shouldn't be giving legal advice.

    If your business address is registered at the PO box, that should be where correspondence is sent.

    Attorneys DO do things calculated to create emotional responses. Be aware of that and it'll diffuse some of their power.
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    I was only asking if anyone knows of an easy place to buy or rent an online po box.
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      Why nt try myus.com, though not sure .
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    Not sure what an "online" PO box is.

    The USPS will have the cheapest rates, if you're in the US.

    Other than that, there are stores but that will depend on your country.

    You may also be able to rent a virtual PO box, which is typically a "Suite 21" (for example) which does not exist, at someone else's company.
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      There are online front ends for mail drop services. This is another case where Google is your friend.
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        I have used the post office and the UPS store. I liked the UPS better. There are also often privately owned local places as well.

        Niles Miller

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    Would depend entirely on the country your from for us to give accurate information. If it's just a mail forwarding service in the US you require then I'd recommend using: Virtual Post Mail

    Good luck. I use the business plan
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    http://travelingmailbox.com has the best prices that I have seen for low volume.

    If you expect to receive like more than 100 pieces of mail each month, I recall seeing better pricing, or maybe it was 200.

    Maybe someone knows of better pricing though???
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    You can use a PO BOX or a mail redirect service like borderlinks, myus or viabox.

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      I second www.viabox.com. They have fantastic customer service and are very prompt at forwarding.
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