Help w/eBay tech issues please....

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Can someone help with a couple eBay tech glitches that have suddenly popped up this week for no reason please? No one there knows yet, and it could take weeks for their people to figure anything out, so I'm hoping Warriors can help

1) For no reason, I can no longer post on their forums - like for help with this I get this error:

Server Error
The url ${requestScope["javax.servlet.error.request_uri"]} had a server error. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can return to the community by clicking here.

Now nothing on my PC has changed; java is enabled and even set low but nothing works. Yet it did previously.

2) My selling manager pro relisting tool does not work any longer. Items do not relist as they used to.

An email from eBay did confirm that this is happening with others, yet offered no solution or ETA on a fix.

So any help would be appreciated. Maybe #1 and #2 are linked somehow...??

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