Promoting Upsells and Downsells

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When you sign up to promote an offer that has upsells and downsells must you be approved for the upsell and downsell products to get credited the commission throughout the sales funnel?

Or is it set up automatically set up for you to get commissions for the upsells and downsells when you sign up for the initial product?
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    It depend on what selling platform it's on. I know that on jvzoo you don't have to sign up to promote the upsells and downsells. Just the front-end product. But I'm not sure about other platform, such as ClickBank.
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  • What I see here from all the complaining they all hate upsells and downsells unless they are doing it then ti's ok.
    soon people... Relax...
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    If your were selling Amazon stuff if someone goes there and buys pencils from you then looks around and buys a refrigerator you get credit for the sale unless the person signs out then back in.
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    Usually you will get a commission on the upsells and downsells. But you can easily check it out on the network itself, on the product affiliate page (they usually tell you how much you can make per sale including rebills and upsells), or you can contact the vendor. Any serious vendor will be happy to clarify any question related with the payout.

    Good luck.

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