Retiring And Seeking Advice From Experienced Website Sellers

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I have been involved with Internet marketing in one form or another since 1988 when I placed classified ads on AOL's classified ad system (don't even know if it exists anymore) but now in my mid-60s and finding myself unable to keep up with all the changes that have occurred and are occuring and developing an extremely low frustration level with each passing day I have decided 2016 is the year to move into full retirement.

With that said, after my main money earning site took a hit after 2008 I looked into alternative ways of generating income. I had some sites built that I hoped to develop into affiliate and advertising generating but time and health are no longer on my side. Initially, I have several sites that I would like to sell or at least learn if they are sellable but in researching the sale of a website vs the sale of a domain, I have a couple of questions I hope an experienced "website" seller may be able to help me with.

1. When selling a basic wordpress website, what is the best practices for transferring the site contents?

I have researched here at WF and at Flippa and they indicate the seller should be responsible for downloading all the files and then uploading them to the buyers site - is this standard practice or can the site content simply be backed up, including the database(s) and provide the buyer with these files?

2. Do most experienced sellers use Escrow for sites that sell for under $1000?

I have sold domain names before and know how to use Escrow but for a site with content that may sell for more I would appreciate any feedback on what others may utilize in this regards.

Thanks, in advance, for any helpful information you may be able to provide or point me to.
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    To answer number one, yes, you can do a couple of things like install a plugin like backWPup and it will create a zip file with all the files and sql file. Or even just a full cpanel backup will basically do the same thing except with a lot of other files too.
    When I sold my sites, I offered to keep hosting it for them or migrate it to their new hosting.
    Normally I am seeing the seller kind of takes responsibility for making sure the site is transferred to the buyer.

    Can't really answer number two, Ive not bought a site under $1,000 but I have used escrow, paypal and even a cheque for selling and buying.

    I fix WordPress problems, PM me if you need help

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    1) yes, but u can allways outsorce them
    2) u can use pp dirrectly for that

    Selling website is all about the description, i sold 30$ websites for 2.5k
    Analyse your site carefully and know its strenghts and capitalise on them

    Or jsut sell it as a PBN
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