How do you approach a new neich or product

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I have been looking into a niche that looks good. lots of traffic for the keywords I want to target with low competition but doesn't seem to be many products available to promote. There are lots of sights pushing products but all seem to be selling for themselves. Would you take the chance with one of the products available and give it a try or stay away?
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    What about ads? Do you see vendors or affiliates spending money in PPC or ads?
    If you do, there's some potential in the niche. But the lack of products to promote is definitely a warning sign.

    Highly competitive markets are usually the most profitable ones.

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    If your niche is an informational niche e.g. basketball skills, and there is only one product you can promote e.g. a basketball skills product, you could easily create a niche around this topic and product. Simply feature an ad to the product on your homepage and posts and you will be able to make money with this niche you have chosen DESPITE there only being one product to promote.

    It really just depends on your niche. You do not always need to have multiple products to promote. If your niche was about Toasters then you would need dozens of products to make that work.
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