Product creation: How much is too much?

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Hi fellow warriors,

I was wondering at what point it would make sense to operate in two niches?

If someone would release a new product every other week it would obviously hurt their reputation, right? What do you think is acceptable?

More a question for those who release a lot of products throughout the year.
What about releasing under a pen name in the same niche?
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    Originally Posted by Areolys View Post

    More a question for those who release a lot of products throughout the year.
    What about releasing under a pen name in the same niche?
    This is not only a very viable way to operate many people highly recommend it . And it is perfectly
    ethical, imo !!

    - Robert Andrew
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    I, as a customer, would not care if someone publishes a product each week, however, the quality should stay high. Just spamming out products will hurt your reputation, but if you can provide high quality products each week - perfect.

    I don't like the idea of releasing products in the same niche with different pen names. It's better to have one big brand than two small ones.
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      Marvin Lex,

      You are a very smart man. We need to stop trying to "Trick" or "sleaze" our way in to people's wallets. Quality will always be more important than quantity. It also will be more important than being the guy or gal that released 4 products in one month. There are big names out there that release one product every six months or less, however their products are complete garbage. So I never even consider buying from them.

      You need to focus more on the how you will provide great quality and value to the products you release, and less on what name you should use.

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    One big brand is better than many small bands. It's why there are pennames for many well know authors.

    There is one site -- can't remember the name -- that publishes a book a week on their store. Those books are massive and about marketing/ computers. They have success you should be able to also.

    There are also people who publish a ton of video lessons on websites each week.

    Keep it up ... it seems to be working for you.

    keep moving forward

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    There's a big difference between someone who releases a product each week and a person who releases high quality products each week. As long as you're focused on providing value, people will always appreciate you. It will also be the magnet as to why people will keep buying from you. However if the products are out there just to make a quick buck, you'll be getting more hate mail and refunds than sales. If you're thinking of releasing tons of products, you should also consider a monthly subscriber base type of product where people pay monthly and you constantly update the information in the member's area. That would create a sweet monthly residual income for you. That's what I did.

    As for operating in different niches, that's all up to you. It would definitely make sense. I know people who are in the make money online niche and they're also in the health niche and they're doing really good. However if you're still starting out or not getting any results yet, I would highly recommend you focus on one thing first and make that happen as opposed to taking on multiple things all at once.

    Get your word and brand out there before branching out. As mentioned though, I would definitely rather have one big solid brand rather than multiple small ones. I'd rather be known for someone in this niche rather than confuse people as to where and how I operate.
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    The products should have real value and meaning. If that is so then it doesn't matter if you release a product each week or do it every single day as long as each of your product teaches something valuable or provides some useful actionable information to readers. Different niches or same niche doesn't matter. It is all about quality and usefulness. Focus mainly on that.

    If you are producing quality products then it may take time so you might find it difficult to release one each week unless you are outsourcing or something. However if you are able to do it easily whether on your own or through outsourcing, and you feel no exhaustion and the product quality is superb then there should be no problem.
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    If they're at all related, don't increase the amount of work it takes you to sell them.

    People will keep buying from you, if the offer is relevant to them.

    If you're putting similar / related training in 2 different places, it's going to take twice the work to help them to find it all.

    If you can't see the customers of the first product buying your second product, at all, it may be a good idea to branch off.
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    I don't suggest producing many products under different pen names

    Focus on producing LESS products while building a SOLID BRAND

    Branding is the way to go

    Most IM product producers fail because they are clueless about this
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    Most people won't care about how often you create a product as long as what's in it is quality content.

    Anybody can come up with product after product, but if it's low quality and doesn't really help anyone do something, I'm sure you can imagine that more is not merrier….

    But if it's a quality product that is clear, precise, detailed and people can actually benefit from (i.e. it adds value to people), the more stuff you can have out there the better! You'll become the trusted authoritative source for that niche market and people will start to look for you and your products!

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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