Can I use Blogger as a landing page ?

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Hello ,

Please I've purchased a domain specifically for CPA offers . I've budget to start facebook campaign and will start with Adworkmedia .

All what is missing is one thing , I've no problem to purchase the hosting from beyondhosting but just for begininnng can I use Blogger as a landing page ?

I will add the domain I've purchased but the question will be any problem in conversion ? Also If yes please can you suggest me landing page for blogger to modify for the offer ?

Thank you very much
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    Yes , you can

    Just point your domain towards to your blogger and give it a go

    But i suggest to buy hosting , as it increases credibility with ur users and you always have chances to increase your conversion
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    not sure about the conversion rate using blogspot but you can try and post results here

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    Sure, you could use Blogger (Blogspot) as a landing page, although I would recommend getting your own hosting. HawkHost has good hosting and you can get started with them for around $5 a month (or less).

    If you don`t have the budget for that yet, then I would recommend Weebly or even Bravesites(dot)com as a free platform to create a landing page, rather than Blogger.

    Back in the day when I was creating free blogs, I lost a lot of Blogspot blogs. They were deleted without warning and seemingly without rhyme or reason

    I never had a free Weebly blog taken down, and I have some still up and running that I created back in 2008 or 2009.

    But, I repeat, get some paid hosting. Hawkhost has been a reliable service for me so far since I switched to their hosting about 5 years ago.
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    Hey yes, you can use blogspot hosting for the landing page to launch there. But, as you know that there are lots of limitations on, you're not gonna use any custom html landing page there. The is no option to upload any file/ script.

    Recommendation: As you got your domain for lp. Take action to register with Awardspace for free hosting of your site. Just point your domain DNS to your hosting from awardspace. You're done. Here you dont need to buy hosting anymore & no problems with your advertising on facebook.

    Best wishes to you!
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    Really thank you all ,

    I've a hosting from underhost ( shared hosting ) , It is paid but I think that cpa offer need vps ? Or I'm wrong and I can use it ?
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    Yes, my bro. You're absolutely wrong. You don't need to have any VPS in order to promote any offer even its CPA or Affiliate offer. There is no limitations for promoting offers. And for landing pages, the more attractive lander you use, the more you can get the leads. Hope it helped! Tnx
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    Since you're going to spend money to advertise, it would be wise to secure your own website and hosting. You could get a hosting account cheap with a money back guarantee, so if things don't work out, you can back out. You want full control of your landing page, and self-hosted enables that. Good luck!
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    There is no limitations for promoting offers.
    You better read each specific TOS before you assume this is true.

    Since you're going to spend money to advertise, it would be wise to secure your own website and hosting.
    I agree. Take the time and make the investment into building a sales funnel before you start spending money on ads.
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      You better read each specific TOS before you assume this is true.
      I agree with you. But, here we're talking about hosting and landing pages. So, I thin k there is no offer that is permitted to promote only on dedicated server hosted landing pages. Of-course some offers may have some restrictions on keywords advertising, regions, traffic source limitations etc. Tnx!
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    DonĀ“t play with your money man, buy a husting.

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    You definitely can but it's always best to have your own site. Your own hosting and domain. Since you're going to spend on giving it exposure, you'll be building your brand. Free blogging sites are very limited in terms of growth. There' a lot that you cannot do.

    If you have your own hosted site, growth is way easier. Branding is more effective as well. I would recommend you get your own site over driving tons of traffic to a free blogger site. It sounds like you're in this for the long haul if you're willing to spend on FB. Invest in your long term business as well which is a self-hosted blog that you own. More features, easier growth and great branding. You're not driving traffic to a generic blogger site, you're driving traffic to your site where you're in control and not at risk of randomly getting your content flagged.
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    I really enjoyed reading your post, and I like your go getter attitude. I would like to point out that I agree with the others here though. Blogger is a third party restricted blogging platform. It screams of novice. I would highly recommend getting yourself in to Wordpress.

    For instance for my capture pages, and other landing pages I use Wordpress on my domain with Optimizepress. Those pages look sick and the conversions are a huge difference. Make sense?

    to our success,
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    I think you can use blogger as landing page but if you want continue I advise you buy in Godaddy
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      Originally Posted by OussamaBusiness View Post

      I think you can use blogger as landing page but if you want continue I advise you buy in Godaddy
      Godaddy is not a good place for anything anymore. Since they were bought out, they got greedy. Domains are expensive there now since they stopped doing renewal coupons. Sure they entice with a cheap registration, but get you on renewals.
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        If you are doing any kind of paid traffic you really should invest in a vps.

        You don't want to rely on someone elses whims especially when dealing with paid traffic sources like fb or google. If blogger decides to take your account down and you send 100 people to a broken link, FB isn't going to be happy with you.

        You also want to have the ability to handle requests under heavy load. What happens when you find a good ad campaign and want to crank the budget up. Will your blogger site be able to handle it or will they start throttling things? I have no idea but it's not something I'd want to leave to chance.

        Most importantly though whether your site is live or not won't be dependent on anyone else if you have your own vps.
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    of course you can, but conversion??? only God knows LOL
    or you can use wix
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      Haven't been with blogger in years but from what I gather you need to read TOS. They have cracked down on affiliate sites or any sites that have some aff. links.

      The thing with Google is they can shut you down in a heart beat without explanation

      - Robert Andrew
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    You Could, but you should really invest into your own hosting and domain.
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    While you can do that, it will be best to learn how to use Wordpress instead and host on your domain name. Google won't give some kind of ranking priority to your Blogger site. Rather than Blogger, it would be better if you use Facebook page/group instead. Direct the free traffic from FB towards your domain name.
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    You definitely can use Blogger as a landing page
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