Any Recommendations for Offshore Bank Account?

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I'm in Australia. Would any fellow business owner here know of some trusted, reliable source where I can open offshore bank account?

So I can diversity my assets for purposes of asset protection.

Thank you.
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    I honestly donĀ“t think that moderation likes this kind of questions here...

    anyways, if you want Offshore: Eastern Europe, South Amerika or some caribbean island Banks.
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    Greetings Sir,

    There are MANY options for obtaining an offshore bank account. Global asset protection is my specialty and is alot easier than you think in order to structure. There are very important principals that you must understand in terms of creation of such an account as well as the proper operation and maintenance of the account. In order to structure an offshore account without attracting the IRS, you must control an offshore entity (IBC, Trust, Offshore LLC, etc.). Keep in mind if you attempt to open an offshore account in your name, you will 1000% of the time invalidate your efforts by doing so. You must have a professional offshore nominee that can set this all up for you properly and maintain it as well. Yes, this is ALL doable easily with the appropriate parties in your back pocket!
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