Fully built out infographics - where to purchase?

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I like fully built out infographics because the designer goes the extra length to design the graphic into a niche topic (Example: History of the human body). IMO this is a much better starting point than a generic infographic with some charts and bar graphs.

Canva.com has some excellent pre-built infographics around specific topics.

Anyone know any others?
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    Do you get exclusive rights or is canva using a PLR model?
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    Typically to do an infographic you first have to have the info or "data" as statistician would say. Then it's all about arranging that info in an interesting and meaningful way using graphics to illustrate the data. So yeah it's hard to find an infographic on your exact data/topic as you are starting backwards really.

    If you have the data already or at least an idea of what the data will be, it's best to us an infographic design tool such as https://infogr.am/ or http://piktochart.com/ or https://venngage.com/

    Of course you could always pay full price for something custom designed by ehh who wants to do that anyway right lol
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