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I've finally wrapped my brain around an idea for a series of online courses that I want to produce and market.

Now I need to learn how to develop and market the courses in the current IM works of 2016.

What are the best sources or courses out there to learn how today?
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    Wait, are you asking: "What should I copy?"

    You should probably know something and be clear about what you're offering before you run out and create something based around it. Otherwise the core of your business is...nothing.
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      No, I'm not trying to "copy" anything. I know exactly what I want to do/teach - but I'm looking for a source that can teach me how to technically develop it (what programs or sources to use to host video course, data base, sales aspects, etc), how to build a sales funnel, different tools to use etc, and also best way to market / drive traffic.

      I've looked at Lewis howes "Prifitsbke Online Courses" but it seems over priced with too little content ($999 for about 3 hours of instruction from what I gather).

      Just wondering what other courses are out there that could help me gain the technical knowledge I need to get up and going as a boot strapper.
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        What you're really asking is "How do I do Internet marketing?"

        How do I know? Because you've asked about how to do product creation and development, how to host your products, how to build a sales funnel, what tools you should use in your business, how to drive traffic, how to sell and market your course . . . that's pretty much what the Warrior Forum site is all about.

        First thing you should try is the search function and focus on specific questions you have or topics you want to learn. See what's already here and available for the asking.

        There is also no limit to the number of coaches, mentors, and course owners that will be happy to take your money and give you their coaching/IM product/membership that focuses on how to do business online. I have no recommendations for you if this is what you want.

        Personally, I don't know of a single source that gives you everything related to IM in one spot for a reasonable fee, which seems to be what you're after.

        If I were you, I would begin by observing and researching your market. That's always the initial step in business creation. Find or verify demand in the marketplace for what you are planning to offer. When you do that, you will gain tons of insight into who your customers are, who the competition is, where they are located, exactly what they buy, etc. You may think you already know all this stuff . . . but I guarantee that you don't - no one new to selling online has a full grasp of his market.

        The best to you in your new venture,


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Get screencast-o-matic for $15 to do screen capture videos.

    Get a free video editor to do your editing.

    Upload your vids unlisted to Youtube (free) or put them on Amazon s3 for cheap.

    Use Wordpress and s2member plugin for membership sites (free).

    Clickfunnels for your sales funnel.

    Aweber, GetResponse, or ActiveCampaign for your autoresponder (email) marketing ($9-20/mo to start).

    Anything you pick is going to require you to learn technical knowledge.
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  • Ditto to what everyone else has said, but here's a few ideas:

    Sit down for an hour and come up with a rough script for your course.

    Get the presentation ready (this might be like powerpoint or it might just be getting all the right tabs open in your browser and ready to be clicked on when you record).

    Use a cheap screen capture program like the one mentioned above or snagit and start recording your presentation.

    Upload your videos to youtube (some disagree with this and say you should use a non-branded player, but I like youtube and have seen ZERO evidence that it affects business negatively).

    Use a course/membership creator like Optimize Press, FreshMember, or JVZoo's eCourse membership maker (I think it's called "value addon") to upload your videos.

    Link your buy button to the registration page or use an integration to auto-generate login details (this will be different depending what service you're using so, e.g. if you're selling via JVZoo go watch their tutorial videos on how to do this).

    Use an eCover maker (I use to make some cool looking graphics.

    Make a simple sales video either of yourself talking or have someone on fiverr do a quick animated video.

    Make a simple sales page with your graphics, some good copy, the video at the top, and your buy button at the bottom.

    Put links to the appropriate legal forms at the bottom and maybe some badges and stuff to reinforce the fact that you guarantee a refund within X days if they don't like your product (which I'm sure you do).

    Have a support email address ready for getting support tickets about your products.

    Drive traffic to the page (if you don't have a list, maybe look into a mix of solo ads, FB ads, adwords, the JV section on this forum etc. and see what works for you).

    Further thoughts:

    An alternative to the whole uploading videos to a membership approach might be to simple load all the videos into a zip file and deliver a download link after purchase. Some people still do this and its not nearly as impressive as a membership site but it might be something to consider in the short term if you're having too much trouble with the membership approach.

    Use the principle of massive imperfect action. I'm not saying skimp on important details, but don't get hung up on small stuff or you'll never launch. You can always come back and adjust things later.

    Expect it to not go as well as you hoped - learn from your experience, make changes, and keep at it.

    P.S. @ Jason Kanigan, what's the framerate like on screencast-o-matic. I've always used snagit but its framerate leaves a bit to be desired...
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  • Thanks. I just watched the video on their site and it doesn't look half bad.
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