The simplest way to take and fulfil digital product order?

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Hi warriors,

I'm new to the forum and new to the game.

I've created an info product and have nearly finished the website.

The last piece of the puzzle is this:

What is the simplest and most effective way to take and fulfil orders for my digital product?

I see paypal have a digital product fulfilment something or other, but that requires a developer.

I want to a simple way to test my MVP.

I would then like to use clickbank and drive affiliate traffic.

Thanks guys!
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    Hi, if you are going to use Clickbank then they handle the payment side of things, you just place their payment button on your sales page. You place your file on your own server and create a download page linking to it and you give that page url to clickbank so they can send your customers there after purchase.

    If you plan to use clickbank then go to their site and read up on all the rules and requirements before completing your sales pages as they have specific requirements that need to be met. I hope that helps and good luck with your first info product.
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      thank you for taking the time to reply. So useful!
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    Put a Paypal button up and in the third section have the link to your product in the "Take customer to this page when they finish their checkout" page.

    You could use Dropbox to make sure the product isn't sitting out there unprotected as part of your website's media.

    You could also send buyers to a page which provides them a password and a page link, which would let them unlock the password-protected Wordpress page you have the product on.

    Or use JVZoo and pay the commission fee to let them handle all that.
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      Brilliant response. Great screenshot! I'd been through that page and the idea hadn't occurred to me. Perfect, simple, MVP, get started solution. Thank you!
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    paypal has an invoice option so you can send prospects a link to pay

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    As explained, you can use Paypal checkout directly, you can also go with someone like Ejunkie who offer front-end order taking services for as little as $5/month (up to 10 products) where you can accept payment from Paypal (or later Clickbank) and redirect the buyer to your download site sending them a message at the same time.

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    I second JVZoo and Paypal. Their marketplace can send more traffic your way too.

    Tradebit isn't too bad either, seems to be a big market for digital products and resellers.

    You could also look into hosting them on Amazon s3 and setting up a WP site built with OptimizePress, secure your download links with S3mediavault WP plugin and delivering your products from your own WP site. This is however a more costly option because you'd have to purchase a OP 2.0 license and for the plugin.
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      great, valuable info! I love this site! I'd seen the s3 stuff from certain downloads and courses I'd bought. I'll look into that further. Thank you
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      Ah, so when I type quick reply, it doesn't reply to that particular message?! I just spammed the thread with what must seem like random responses.

      So I'll reply to all of you here in this message.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for the valuable information. I really appreciate you taking the time to share what you know as I get started. What seems like such a huge headache can be solved so simply by asking people more knowledgable and experienced.

      Thanks again!
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    Not sure how warriors can recommend simply redirecting visitors a url to download their product after purchase. I would say give it 5 minutes before someone has cracked your url and is sharing it on a blackhat website. The best way is to host the file through JVZoo or in a members area - such plugin would be S2Member.
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    I have used ejunkie and it worked very well. I also use Warrior Plus and it also has worked quite well for me.

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