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Dear Warriors,

The WF has changed for the better and so should you! I confess I have used the WF for over 18 months without much contribution. I find the answers I am looking for then leave to get on with what I’m doing. I have to be strict with my time or I would spend all day here! Note pathetic post count

Its time for a little payback……

I have seen hundreds of posts saying FOCUS because of information overload, but never many real solutions to the biggest problem we all face – time.

Every person who has limited time (most warriors are part time), every person/manager responsible for staff and any person outsourcing work or leading a project should be SMART in setting your own and others targets and objectives.

Specific – precise about what is to be achieved and OUTCOME focused.
Measurable – Using cost, quantity, quality etc. Also helps the review process.
Agreed – Ensure that the targets are agreed so no dispute on understanding what was required. Assume at your own risk.
Realistic – is the target realistic, does the person undertaking the task have all the resources to carry it out, enough time allocated? (if you think its going to take an hour it will take 2)
Time bound. – clearly stating what needs to achieved by when.

Tip for personal goal setting:
Making targets too easy to achieve will only lead you down a false road and you will not reach your full potential.

Making targets too hard will see you get demoralised and back to surfing not producing.

Now lets put an IM perspective on this and use a simple example of outsourcing a batch of articles.

Warrior 1

Dear Writer,
Please can you write me some articles on weight loss for a website I am promoting. I need them in a couple of weeks and will sort out the payment upon delivery.

Warrior 2

Dear Writer,
Please can you write me 20 articles on weight loss, a list of keywords are attached. Please return in two weeks. $5 per article is what I am willing to pay for these. Hope that’s OK?

Warrior 3

Dear Writer,
Please see attached a list of 20 keywords to base the articles and titles on as per your WSO. I would like the keyword density to be around 2% but not strict on this as long as it flows.

The articles will be used to promote Jason’s fat loss guide – see link, please slant articles in that direction.

In would like them back 14 days from today (22 Aug) , can you fit this in with your schedule?

Please send me the first article to review before proceeding further.

I will make payment on delivery of the articles at $5 per article as our agreement.

Please can you confirm this is all OK.

Now this is only one simple example and its exaggerated a little, but can you see the difference? Who will get the best articles?

Don’t blame the writers for articles that did not meet your expectations because of your mistakes, good writers are always busy and will appreciate this no end.

Anyway, I use these simple SMART steps to make plans for everything, building a website, allocating time to write to my list, researching, product creation etc.

If you start to use these steps and with a little discipline you will see your output increase 5x. More output = more cash

Time is precious – use it wisely – be SMART

To warrior success
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    Great post,thanks.

    Read A Post.
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      Hi Jason,

      Kudos! - the power of words.

      Thanks for coming out of lurkism and please offer more of the same advice.

      Roger Davis

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      • Profile picture of the author Steven Fullman
        Cool post.

        I'm guilty myself (though not with article writers)...

        I definitely need to get SMARTer.


        Not promoting right now

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          Very good post.
          I joined warrior couple of days ago, and I was stumbled by the amount of information that was flowing in and in.
          I had no idea how could I find time and patience to read through everything...
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        Here's to many more Posts.

        Great Post!
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        Thank you for your contribution and great tips.

        And don't worry about low post count - it's quality over quantity!

        My biggest problem with time management is that no matter how I plan (map out) my work day ... every time something unexpected pops up that ruins my plan.

        I can say I'm going to work on sites A, B, and C. I leave myself plenty of work time on each for any unexpected issues or if things take a bit longer than expected. Yet, just about every time ... a client calls up with "an emergency" or we have a power outage, or something .... and sites B and C don't get touched that day. Never fails! ARGH! And it only puts me further behind on stuff that is easily manageable if these interruptions would just chill.

        I have so much I have to do and want to do (plans) that it's hard to do all of it when you can never stick to a plan or schedule. It also doesn't help that I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

        So how do you handle constantly interruptions to your schedules?
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          Hi tigres409,

          Nice beer shot, but it seems to be stuck in the glass even though it's tipping and it's really uncool to post photos with 'istockphoto' printed on it because that 'suggests' that someone has pinched it from them and the artist never got paid.

          Roger Davis

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          Hi Barbara,

          tough question as everybody has different types of interuptions.

          Firstly, nearly every task you set yourself will take twice as long as you first imagine, it just is that way.

          As your interuptions are clients, then these cant really be ignored or put back into the queue as I expect you pride yourself on being there for them.

          First impression would be that you need to incorporate a few hours in to your schedule for clients work. That way if they do not occur then you will have an hour or so of bonus time, you can then browse the WF or get ahead of your schedule.

          I hope that helped a little, good luck.

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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I really hope it can help people, these simple SMART steps do wonder for your output, and will definitely post more

    When I started out I was so focused on carving out my own little slice of cyberspace I neglected the great people here who have helped me. Now I can take both my offline and online experience and start to help others who are willing to listen.

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    Time is indeed scarce. I wish one day is 48 hours. Great post!

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