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by zannix
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Hey guys,

It's been a really long time since I was last actively doing internet marketing, and I was wondering if submitting your website articles to popular article directories can still bring in some targeted traffic, and if so - what are the top 5-10 directories that get you the best ROI?

Also, is there any free/paid auto-submission software that you would recommend for this purpose? I remember there used to be Magic Submitter and similar.

Thank you!
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    Article directories for website traffic does not work much anymore. At least not for me. I am a Platinum writer at Ezine articles, with 1187 articles published, and very rarely submit to them or any article directory anymore.
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      Originally Posted by Jeff Schuman View Post

      Article directories for website traffic does not work much anymore. At least not for me. I am a Platinum writer at Ezine articles, with 1187 articles published, and very rarely submit to them or any article directory anymore.
      I hear you. I'm a platinum author as well, although I only have about 300 articles published there. I got into article marketing shortly before Google slapped the sh*t out of it, so I didn't get great results.

      I also published the articles at other sites like ArticlesBase, GoArticles, IdeaMarketers, WorldVillage, Squidoo, etc. I think the only one of those sites still in operation is ArticlesBase.

      I would not recommend submitting your content to any site but your own. Set up a blog and keep all of your own content. If you want to syndicate a bit and spread your content around that's fine, but don't submit your content to article directories. The only one who will profit from that are the directories.

      Article marketing is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! Now there will still be a few people who want to argue that point with me, but they'd be wasting their time.
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    That train has a left the station a long long time ago.....

    It started pulling out of the station shortly before Google launched its PANDA series of updates.

    There IS, however, two types of 'article marketing' that still work: social media syndication

    The other is guest posting

    You might want to look into them.

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    Article Directories = RIP

    The truth is that they can still work. I know a couple of websites quite new (less than a year) which have been successfully indexed very high and Article Directories is the only SEO strategy applied.

    However, in most of the cases it doesn't work. If I were you I would try new alternatives.
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  • You could submit to article directories, and I don't know what all these people are saying you will still get good traffic. I'm pretty sure you're looking for traffic from the article directory itself and not Google am I right?

    Article spamming is what's dead!

    Blogging is a better form of article marketing though to be honest. Also Youtube would be a killer 1 - 2 combo with article marketing.

    I'm cool with Sean Mize. I just had a coaching call with him like a month ago, and he told to still submit articles. So it's not dead. if you didn't know Sean Mize is a multi millionaire that built his list primarily through article marketing.

    But for the best bang for your buck do an article then turn around and do a Youtube video for it as well.
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    Submitting articles to as many article directory sites as possible - used to be a great method to get free traffic to your websites.

    Things have changed in the last 2 or so years!

    Article submitting is not as effective anymore. You cans still get some free traffic, but not as much as if you were to do the same a few years ago.

    If you really want to benefit from this internet marketing strategy, you must make sure you only publish High Quality Articles!

    Otherwise, you are only going to waste your time.

    Article Spinners are dead now - and only the newbies who do not know any better, buy them. Sad, but true!

    No matter how good an article spinner software is, it will never compete with an original article written by a human being, who has a real character. People want to feel the author through the words! .. and a software will never be able to do that!

    I would hire a good freelancer with great writing skills, if I were to implement article directory marketing.

    You can definitely get some traffic here, just work smart!
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    So what still works today and how can you stay on top of things in the SEO world?

    I wouldn’t completely rule out article directories just yet.

    There are still many people who still use them today, but they are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

    You could spend years trying to figure out SEO and you still wouldn’t even come close to cracking the code on it. However, there’s only a handful of things you really need to know.

    I have listed them for you below:

    Focus 100% on your website and writing high-quality content for it

    Make sure you do proper keyword research before you write a post

    You only need to have your keyword in the title and first paragraph. After that just write naturally and use related keywords to get your point across

    Socially share your posts to social media sites and encourage comments or questions

    Respond to comments as soon as you get them, but first make sure they are relevant to your post before approving them

    These are just a few tips for you to follow. SEO is constantly changing every day and it would nearly be impossible to stay on top of it all by yourself.

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that kept you up to date on the latest Google algorithm’s and taught you the proper way to build an online business?

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    I would just use it as an extra place to distribute content but not as a main source for traffic. I had success with it years ago but it's not that great anymore.
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    Article directories are a waste of time for traffic. They are filled with duplicate and and honestly, who visits a article directory looking for content? I surely don't and doubt you do too.

    Find blogs with real traffic in your niche, and do some guest posting. Reach audiences that have a genuine interest in your content.

    For traffic..Guest blogging, social marketing and SEO has been the best generation methods for me.

    Paid traffic works well too, but yeah I prefer getting it for free.
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    I believe all of you already told that it's not working as it used to work... I'm not using it for a long time now myself
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    Article directories can be used as one minor weapon in your arsenal, but they can't be relied upon solely. Ask yourself what people would be viewing these articles. In many cases it's other internet marketers. These days you have to use things in addition to it. It's tougher work, but one thing I found that works as a good compliment is high quality blog commenting.

    Find some really good blogs in your niche. Make sure the site owner runs a tight ship as far as what gets through, because you don't want a spammy element. Find as many as you can. 100 or more if possible. Now focus on contributing to those blogs regularly. This might seem tough, but it's supposed to be.

    The goal is to build a following to your site where your content is. If you do this right you can get a trickle of traffic direct from the blogs, and then start ranking higher in Google for content on YOUR site. Add some social media to this (using the platform you feel works best for you) and you'd be surprised at what can happen. Only use article directories a supplement.
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      I have been using EZA for over 15 years, and my experience has been dramatically different from any of the posts here. Of course I never was concerned about SEO, but rather marketing my articles directly to online/offline publishers.

      No other article directory IMO has the pulling power as EZA for getting articles published, which has always been its original purpose. The misuse of this very powerful resource was perhaps a leading cause of Google's reaction by releasing their animals.

      Now more than ever before, EZA is well regarded by publishers for article sourcing. And it also provides excellent training for fledgling authors who truly want to develop their writing skills and marketing their production to outlets such as ezines, newsletters, blogs, etc.
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        I haven't posted articles to EZA for some time.

        When I do visit the site, it isn't looking for content. At least not in the "I'm looking for a solution to a problem, and I need a site to click through to" sense. What I'm looking for is talent and topical expertise.

        I may source an article directly from EZA, but I'm more likely to contact the author to gauge interest in guest blogging or ongoing contributions.
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    They key to Article Marketing is to get published on some high traffic sites. that will result in a good CTR as they have to keep your link in the article as a source.

    I make about 5-10 sales a month from articles i have written over 2 years ago. Not mind blowing by any means but its an extra few hundred a month in commissions.
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    I believe that article marketing can still work actually.If youre sharing a lot of good value and show your knowledge through your articles

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    • Profile picture of the author socialmarkbook
      Yes, you can. If your article is unique, If you have good information in your article this will be very effective for you. Thanks
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