What's the current thinking about number of websites

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I've gone from having1 website with everything on it... to the main website, blog site, speaker site, etc.

I'm looking to update my website this year. Should I pull my blog back into my main site? or keep it separately?

Just seeking a discussion on current trends. Thank you.
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    A blog on your website help with google search benefit, this will help in booting website visibility....

    As a static website, may find it hard to rank.
    Engage Expertise Inc. is your one stop for all your web related service. Are you worried about your brand not getting be heard or even search engine friendly. Do you want to make your video or website more noticeable on search engine without anything illegal or blackhat.
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    Hi Maria,

    I took the liberty to take a look at your site. It turns out that your website and blog is under 2 different domain names which mean they can be 2 totally separate web properties of yours.

    From what I know, because wordpress had been developing so well, a lot of companies had used it to build websites with their blog within the same domain, some may not call the "blog" section, blog but rather news and update as follows:

    yoursite.com/blog or yoursite.com/news

    So it really depends on how you foresees your web properties will go in the future. Here's what I suggest:

    1) Leave it as it is but brand your blog under your main site. Perhaps create a page on "partners and sisters site"

    2) Move your blog to your main site( or vice versa) under one domain name. Then develop the other domain to a new property that have a more niche content or a brand new focus altogether. You can also sell the domain as it is or flip it and see it as a site.

    Hope that helps.

    I Don't Speak The Queen's English, But I Say What I Mean and Mean What I Say.

    Here is where I work now: www.LohasDigital.com

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      Iam inclined to go with Post 2. Adding regular Content with a Blog will keep everything fresh and have a stronger position in Search over time

      - Robert Andrew
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  • Yes, when the main site is updated, I can have the blog moved there. I think there is also a way, that if anyone finds the old page, it will send them to the new site's same page.

    I can also turn the 2nd site into a membership site or develop a product called Marketing With Integrity, so at least it will make some money, and concentrate that on marketing.


    Maria Marsala,
    Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/

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      I'm not very sure but I'm guessing that most of your business is conducted offline
      (forgive me if I am mistaken)

      But either way I believe it very important to have your blog on your main site,

      and very visible to your visitors (perhaps even advertised)

      because in a virtual environment your website visitors, which are potential client

      have no way of really interacting with you,

      unlike in the offline world where you get to
      -shake their hand,
      -talk to them in person
      -or on the phone,

      potential clients that visit your site lack that sense of connection when they enter a website full of static content.

      a blog accomplishes some form of constants engagement which your target audience, and allows your company and website to seem more real, and more reachable.

      As well as boost your credibility because with a blog you are consistently providing great content to your target audience for free.

      which will incline them to take it a step further and do business with you

      Another way of looking at this is that

      If you can regularly provide great, awesome, and relevant content to your potential clients then they will trust you more and you will shorten that gap (in the online arena) between visitor and client.

      For example:

      if a struggling financial advisor makes it to your website, the majority of time

      that person is going to be looking for free content that will get him results right away,

      he might not be ready (just yet) to make that decision of getting deeper help form your services

      But now if you can fulfill that need for him, and provide him with some form of value that he can take away (your blog)

      then he will be in a MUCH more receptive mind set to take action on whatever you want him to do.

      because now that person is beginning to view you and your company as authoritative

      at that point he will realize that your company might be able to help him further,

      and you might just get a call or two form your website traffic

      Hope that help

      ~ Mike Vietri
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  • Thanks Mike

    I do plan to move the old blog over to the updated and main website.

    P.S. 87% of my business is conducted via phone, Skype or webinar platform.

    Maria Marsala,
    Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/

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    That's great that you even have a blog/website!

    What you should do is consolidate them all into 1….it's a lot easier to promote 1 thing than it is to promote 6 things….just how I see it

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    Keeping a blog other than a website is crucially very important to have interlinking between the two helping to increase visitors on your website.

    If the blog is present within your website, then it is even more beneficial.

    Be active with your blog as much as you are with your website.

    Keep posting content regularly on your blog and redirect users to your website.


    Chintan Mehta

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    I would definitely agree with other fellow warriors in this area as I would stick blog on the same site. You keep them interested and your position on search engine would go higher since there will be more quality content on the same website.

    Maybe one thing I would do is keep my blog little bit more personal in a meaning that I would write in there from my own experience and keep my journey in whatever topic it is and give some tips.

    Hope this helps a little bit,

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    Fresh content on your website is important to get website promotion and ranking in search engines, so update your website content on regular basis. Fresh blogs in your blog section really helps a lot.
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    I would really recommend consolidating as much of it as you can. Keep as much under one domain as is feasible, Google loves to see a fresh and constantly updated blog, which will only help you in your rankings.

    Not only that, it will make your life a whole lot easier than trying to update multiple things at once.

    It's going to be tricky to consolidate everything, but once you do, it will be so worth it.
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  • Thanks for all your insights.

    I will eventually move it over to my main website once I have the new theme running on it.

    Maria Marsala,
    Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/

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    I don't think I'd touch what you've done.

    You are dominating pretty well for the term "elevating your business"

    Make sure you fully understand how your web presence might change on certain searches if you try to stick everything under one roof.

    Right now you cover a lot on top and near the bottom too in regards to your branding/domain.


    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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