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I just uploaded a new website design and I didn't notice until the last moment that the gray borders around my main content table don't display in Firefox, but they do in IE.

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When the page is first loading they are visible but when the page finishes loading they disappear.

I know this can be complicated but I'm wondering if the description above tips anybody off to something obvious. I can't spot anything in the code.

Thanks for any tips!
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    Hello David

    Assuming it's the same thing, I was battling this CSS problem the other day when I was developing ARP 4.

    I wanted the colour of the border round the table to be different from the table's cells.

    When setting up the CSS for this, I found that setting a border colour on 'table' would work in IE but not in Firefox.

    On investigating, I found in Firefox that the border I had set for 'td' (the table cells) was overriding the border setting for 'table'.

    Actually, this makes sense - so it's probably IE that's doing it wrong in showing it for 'table'.

    I did some researching but I didn't find a solution and accepted that it was a minor issue. The table now doesn't have a different colour of border!

    Hope that helps somewhat.



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