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Currently I started my own record label a few months ago. I been reading ebook after ebook video after video and got a good idea on how climb the google page rankings, but not really to well; or maybe im just over thinking to much and just getting frustrate...

Have a few questions about maybe how i may wanna approach this. I been doing some keyword search and tried to make my prelaunch page with the keywords i would like to try to use. SPEAKUP ENTERTAINMENT: HOST OF REAL HIP HOP MUSIC!!! , right now just left it as that, tried to use hip hop or real hip hop in and out of everything trying to hit that as one of my keywords. If someone could tell me if i did that half way decent or if i am going the wrong way.

Also another question, my layout contains flash but its mainly xml driven will that effect me in SEO.

thanks so much for your time =D
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    The best thing you could do for a serious website like a record label is to get some help from a professional web designer on Elance.com for example. They can fix up your webpage pretty quickly. I also would not recommend doing flash as the top page, because search engines hate this and have a hard time indexing it. You can put flash videos on the site but a Flash site is bad for SEO.

    Once you have a site that has good SEO friendly content, you'll need to market it. Do some article marketing 9submit articles to ezinearticles.com and/or goarticles.com) and get some more backlinks using a service like 3waylinks, linkvana or Neurolinker.

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      Promote your site by giving away free ringtones
      and videos. Whatever your competition is doing,
      figure out a way to do it better.

      Be sure to put things on your website that ppl are
      looking for, ringtones are a sure winner
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    You know where els to look for a web designer, right now funds are low. Trying to find someone that could make our page look good, only thing we really need is probably new content, about us, how to contact us, and part of the webpage to buy our cd's tee shirts ect ect.

    if you know of anyone, template could be nulled and redesign for all i care, just looking for a reasonable price to help me out, im sure once we are up there we def could repay back ha =D but thanks for your help.
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      Hey Nadim,

      I know a great Joomla designer who is very reasonable and GREAT! He built a great site for me this year and I am very pleased with it. He is not free, but way less than many other designers. I found him on Joomlancer and am thrilled with the results. If you want his contact info, send me a PM.
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    Use powerful software like Trackboost with anchor text back links. Cool.
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    alright pm you for contact info, and thanks napoleonfirst thanks for the info, trackboost looks interesting.
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