Health niche very difficult to monetise

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Contrary to what people might think, it's not a very easy easy area to monetise outside of Adsense. I am not talking about beauty niche, which sometimes wrongly is bundled with health. The problem with the health products that are readily available is that they almost always fall into the the alternative or natural health area. Anyone running a serious health site would probably find it difficult to promote these products. Yes people do make money from affiliate products from natural health category but it's mostly through small affiliate sites.
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    Health is very broad, I would think beauty products would fall under this too?

    I know people that have made millions in the beauty niche but can't think of any myself that have made a lot of money in health although I'm sure there are some very successful programs out there that people have made money with.

    - Mateen
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    The answer is actually very simple: Create the product yourself

    If you can tap into a decent pool of HUNGRY traffic, why not work with a health provider to produce a truly valuable product?

    This gives you a tremendous competitive advantage

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  • Have you looked at MarketHealth? Some of the products are the 'alternative' kinds, but not all.

    I wouldn't think it would be hard to monetise at all.
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      Just as with any other hotly competitive niche, it's generally best to avoid using the exact same marketing techniques as the deep-pocketed professionals. They tend to dominate the more popular marketing channels.

      Consider using under the radar traffic generating methods such as online/offline direct marketing. These may include email, webinars, telemarketing, article syndication, postcard mailing, newspaper/magazine advertising, etc.
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        Nootropics are hot, but they definitely fall into the natural health niche you are talking about...Misterkailo is correct, give a free trial offer a run....I'm getting conversions with the OptiMind product / affiliate program. getoptimind dot com / affiliates. Good luck!
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    I´ve seen lots of affiliates making good money with health affiliate programs. Yes, it could be very competitive, but if you do a market and competitor analysis you can find a niche and make money because commissions on this niche are usually very good.

    You can find very profitable offers at Moreniche network. Some affiliates focus on regional markets or try new languages. You can also try promoting trending products (nootropics, forskolin, prescription alternatives, etc).

    I'd be happy to assist you if you need more information.
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    I agree with misterkailo...promoting CPA offers might be something to look into.
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    One thing to remember is "Health" is a market, but "Heart Health for Women over 50" is a niche. Focus on the different niches in health instead of the market as a whole

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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