More Profits With Less Effort Going Offline - Part 2

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Hello Warriors,

I think we're on to something here. When I first mentioned this, I was pretty vague, but I still received a lot of requests for more details. And those folks have been replying with some interesting positive comments.

To recap, I'm exploring a technique that's completely offline. It is NOT designed to generate traffic to your website. You don't even need a website (although you CAN use a website as a secondary selling tool). Which means you spend no time or money on advertising, SEO or PPC.

I'll try to clarify the subject with a few details. My technique is applied to the part of the business cycle where physical products are sold to large retailers at wholesale. My technique is really pretty simple. I have found a type of product that can work well for individuals like you to sell to these large retailers.

This type of product works well because you can develop the product with little or no investment. You can wait till you get an order before you outsource the manufacturing. You can sign on with an independent sales rep to handle your product - rather than having to pitch to the retailer's corporate buyer yourself. When you make that sale, you'll probably be delivering thousands of copies of your product.

So, all you need to do is to put a lot of effort into creating a truly high quality product of this type. Then persuade a good independent sales rep to take your product on. All the rest is a simple managerial job.

I want to gather some real life data and case studies on how well this technique works. So I'm looking for about ten people who agree with me about this technique and are willing to implement it on a fast track. Just send me a PM with a simple statement that you won't pass this info on to others and I'll send you details on the type of product.

Has anyone had experience selling to retailers - either large or small?

Steve R.
R.A.M. Video
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